How to get Shot Blocked Achievement in MW3
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How to get Shot Blocked Achievement in MW3

Now this is a cool Achievement!

Many Achievements in MW3 are unusual but a little uninspired. That’s definitely not the case with Shot Blocked, which tasks the player with making a crazy shot when it matters the most. Here’s how to get the Shot Blocked Achievement in MW3.

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What is the Shot Blocked Achievement/Trophy in MW3?

The official description for the Shot Blocked Achievement is pretty vague and reads as follows: Shoot the gun out of the air in ‘Flashpoint’ before a terrorist catches it. The gun to shoot is very specific, so here’s how it works.

Shot Blocked Achievement/Trophy Guide

For Achievement hunting specifically, it’s easier to play on Recruit difficulty. Choose the Flashpoint mission and start playing as usual. The gun described in the Achievement description doesn’t show up until you reach the room with the ‘paramedics’ inside. Play the mission through until you get to the 3rd floor.

You need to play the situation with the fake paramedics very carefully. If you walk too far forward, the AI will immediately start shooting.

How to get Shot Blocked Achievement in MW3
Image: PC Invasion

I recommend standing on the right side of Price as I am in the picture above. When you’re here, ADS above the door handles as I have, and wait. If you’ve not done so during the mission, ensure your weapon is set to Full Auto. You can do this by pressing left on the D-Pad.

Para 2
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Wait for Price to say, “Where is Makarov?” as this is your cue to get ready. The man at the back of the room to the right will throw a rifle at his comrade (pictured). You must shoot this out of the air to earn the Shot Blocked Achievement.

This task is difficult because you only have a split second to react. If you pre-aim above the door handles and hold down the trigger the moment you see the rifle, you should knock it out of the air.

What should I do if I miss the shot?

MW3 has a very generous checkpoint system, so don’t worry if you miss the shot. Press Pause and select ‘Last Checkpoint’ if you miss, and you can retry from the moment you enter the room.

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