How to get Supernova in Starfield

Starfield player standing in front of an Alien Ring inside a Temple
Image: Bethesda

Once you reach far enough in Starfield by completing the “Into The Unknown” main mission, you unlock the ability to gain special powers like Supernova that can grant you a serious advantage in the heat of a space battle. But before you can go all Dr. Manhattan on your foes, there’s the challenge of finding the 24 temples housing each of the Starborn powers in Starfield’s expansive universe. That’s no cause for worry though because there are at least a few things you can do to make the search easier. Here’s our guide on how to get the Supernova power in Starfield.

P.S. If you’re looking for the consumable item also called supernova, go to the bottom of this guide.

Starfield- How to get Supernova power

You can get the Supernova power just like every other power in Starfield, by finding an Artifact and completing its Temple puzzle. In this case, we’re looking for Temple Xi. You can find temples by traveling to unexplored systems where you’ll be notified and given a quest if a temple is located there. But since temple locations are random in every playthrough, there’s no definitive location I can point you to for a specific power so it’s a good idea to both keep an eye out while exploring and talk often with Vladimir at The Eye to gain information on a temple location.

three Starfield Alien rings aligned with a Portal in the middle

Screenshot by PC Invasion

After you’ve landed on a planet where the temple is situated, use your scanner to detect distortions and follow the distortions to reach those eerie temples you’ve set out to find. Then it’s just a matter of reaching inside and floating towards every batch of small, clustered lights until the rings stop moving as shown in the image. Fly into the middle of the ring and you’ll get your ultimate reward. If the power is not the one you’re looking for, come back to Vladimir and talk to him again to get another temple location and repeat.

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I can’t find the Supernova Temple Xi

If you’re still having trouble finding the Supernova power despite scouring through every planet, it may be the fault of a bug and not your own. Some players have reported not being able to find the Supernova power despite their best attempts. Bethesda has not officially reported on this issue so your best bet in the meantime would be to save searching for Supernova for New Game+ as all the temple’s locations will reset and change for the second playthrough.

Supernova consumable item

There’s also a special drink in Starfield called Supernova which the player is rewarded with after completing the side mission “Distilling Confidence” given by Nyssa Marcano, owner of the Viewport in New Atlantis. Although you won’t gain any cosmic powers with this one, the item does slow O2 recovery while boosting persuasion and O2 levels for five minutes when used so it could come in handy. To get this item, simply go up to Nyssa to get her talking about a special ingredient for a drink she ordered that’s being held by UC Security at the Spaceport and she’ll assign you to get it back for her. There are several ways you can go about gaining access to the Spaceport storage, by either persuading the guard to let you in, hacking a terminal, or using a UC ID, but once you return the package to Nyssa, you’ll get rewarded with a drink of supernova.

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Starfield is available for Xbox and PC