Diablo Iii How To Get Bovine Bardiche Cow Level

Diablo 3 is a game full of secrets: secret enemies, secret items, and secret levels permeate Blizzard’s action RPG. One such secret level is called ‘not the cow level,’ and it contains enemies that definitely aren’t cows. There are many ways to get to the “not” cow level, one of the easiest being the use of a Bovine Bardiche. This weapon opens a portal to the level when transmuted in Kanai’s Cube. But where do you obtain the Bardiche in the first place? In this guide, we’ll demonstrate how to get the Bovine Bardiche in Diablo 3. 

Where to get the Bovine Bardiche in Diablo 3

The Bovine Bardiche is a legendary polearm and requires character level 31 to drop. If you already have a level 70 character, the Bardiche can drop for any of your characters. However, the easiest way to farm for a Bovine Bardiche is crafting level 70 rare polearms at the Blacksmith, then upgrading them to legendary using Kanai’s Cube. I’d recommend using either a Challenge Rift cache or a fresh alternate character for this. When you start a new character, they get access to all your crafting materials, gold, and stash items, as long as the characters sharing these are part of the same Season.

Diablo Iii How To Get Bovine Bardiche Craft Polearm

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Additionally, the Bovine Bardiche has a much higher chance to drop for Barbarians and Crusaders since it’s a polearm. If you don’t already have a level 70 Barbarian or Crusader, start a fresh one at level one, or Rebirth one from a previous Season. Head to the blacksmith and craft several polearms, then bring them to Kanai’s Cube. You’re using recipe 3 – Hope of Cain, which requires the following materials for each use:

  • 50 Resuable Parts
  • 50 Arcane Dust
  • 50 Veiled Crystal
  • 25 Death’s Breath
  • 1 equippable rare level 70 item
Diablo Iii How To Get Bovine Bardiche Cube Recipe

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Simply keep crafting rare level 70 polearms, then upgrade them to legendary with the Hope of Cain recipe on a Barbarian or Crusader until you get a Bovine Bardiche.

Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls are available on Battle.net.

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