How to get the Forest Maze hidden treasure in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario Rpg Forest Maze Hidden Treasure Chamber
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There are a lot of hidden treasures available in Super Mario RPG, but relatively few treasure troves like the one you can find in the Forest Maze. Here is our guide telling you how to get the Forest Maze hidden treasure in Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG – how to get the Forest Maze hidden treasure

Before you ever make your way to Forest Maze, you’ll have a few brief adventures in local Rose Town. While you are there, help a Toadstool reach their house and raid the treasure boxes you find inside. Talk to the resident and confess to taking their treasure. They reveal a path you can follow to find a hidden treasure in the nearby forest. They tell you to go left, left, straight, and right to find the hidden treasure.

Super Mario Rpg Forest Maze Following Geno
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The advice is solid, but it leaves out a few details. Where does the maze even begin, for starters? The Forest Maze is actually a fairly large area, and there’s a fair bit of preamble. You don’t need to worry about what turns to take in the maze until you encounter Geno (pictured above). The animated doll is also moving through the forest.

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Once you meet Geno, don’t follow them until you are ready to make your way to the exit. First, it’s worth taking a detour. The Forest Maze works a lot like a personal favorite environment of mine: the Lost Woods in The Legend of Zelda on the NES. By that, I mean that if you take some wrong turns, you wind up back at the beginning. To get the hidden treasure, follow the instructions the villager provided precisely. Keep Mario’s position in mind as you enter each new screen. The directions were for him, not you. In particular, “Straight” refers to the path that’s directly ahead of him as he arrives (it is the path to the lower left as you enter that screen).

Once you go left, left, straight, and right, you reach a stump. Enter the stump to find a hidden treasure chamber. At the lower level, you access several treasure boxes. These contain fairly basic loot (a Frog Coin, a Flower, and 3 Mushrooms). That’s still enough to justify the effort required. Grab the hidden treasure and then return to your regularly scheduled adventure.

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