Synchronic Roulette In Destiny 2

With the new update to Destiny 2 comes a whole arsenal of new weapons. These Strand-type guns have the player base scrambling to be the first ones to have them all in their collection. There are two exotics in the collection, one of which is only available as a pre-order bonus. This piece will help you finish off your collection by helping you get the Synchronic Roulette in Destiny 2.

This SMG isn’t the best available but can still make a serious dent in PvE. This is especially the case if you get a god roll aimed toward rapid kills and hatchling spawns. Any weapon in the right hands is deadly.

Destiny 2 – Steps on finding the Synchronic Roulette

Unlike other guns, this weapon cant be specifically farmed. There is no one mission that will guarantee the drop the first time. Synchronic Roulette also can’t be crafted, as it won’t ever drop with a Deepsight Border.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Root Of Nightmares Raid Launch

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All is not lost. The Terminal Overload mission based on Neomuna has a chance of dropping this sought-after SMG, so there is still a chance you can get the Synchronic Roulette in Destiny 2. Terminal Overloads rotate weekly around the map of Neomuna and aren’t always available. These Vex-heavy events pit you against a swarm of robots as they attempt to destroy you. They are missions that are reserved for the best players, as close to the soft cap as possible. Each event, on completion, has a chance to drop one Strand-type weapon.

The events reward players with two chests: one for everyone, and one that is locked. The locked chest can be opened by a Terminal Overload Key, which can be found by completing random events around Neomuna.

So, in conclusion, you’re going to have to grind those Vex to get the full set of Strand-type weapons.

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