How to get the Triton Vice Exotic Hunter Arms in Destiny 2: Season of the Deep

Destiny 2 Triton Vice
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Triton Vice is the new Exotic Hunter Arms introduced in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. First, we’ll discuss what this new Exotic does and then we’ll tell you how to get it. Without further adieu, here is how to get Triton Vice in Destiny 2.

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What is Triton Vice in Destiny 2?

Triton Vice in Destiny 2 has the Halberdier’s Reach Exotic perk. Halberdier’s Reach increases Glaive reload speed and melee damage when surrounded. Glaive melee final blows overflow one round into the magazine from reserves. Finally, Glaive projectiles that match your subclass deal explosive final blows.

Since Glaives are not even close to being the best weapons in the game, I think Triton Vice is an okay Exotic. It sounds like it’s a lot of fun to use and it could make for a very viable Glaive build, but it’s definitely not the best Exotic for PvP or PvE. Regardless, I want to get this Exotic to experiment with a Solar Glaive build that dominates nearby enemies while spreading Scorch and creating a wave of Ignited foes. (Hunters might have lucked out compared to the new Exotic Warlock Helmet Cenotaph Mask.)

Destiny 2: How to get Trion Vice

The only way to get Triton Vice is to complete a Legendary or Master Lost Sector and get a lucky drop. Every day, a new Lost Sector is selected to have a Legendary and Master difficulty option and reward those who finish with a chance at a select Exotic loot table. The Exotic loot table changes every day and always highlights one armor piece for all classes; for example, Exotic Arms for every class on Monday, Exotic Chests for every class on Tuesday, and so on.

I recommend using TodayInDestiny to find out what Lost Sector is Legendary/Master for that day and what Exotic loot is on the table. You might also want to check what time the daily reset happens in your timezone so you don’t miss an opportunity to grind for Triton Vice.

There is no guarantee that you’ll get Triton Vice after completing a Legendary/Master Lost Sector since it all comes down to RNG. Usually, it takes some grinding to get the Exotic you want with the roll you want. Good luck, Guardians.

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