How To Get To Sakurajima In Palworld
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How to get to Sakurajima in Palworld

A whole new world!

With the new Sakurajima update in Palworld, there’s a whole new region to explore, but how can you get there? If you’re eager to explore the new island of Sakurajima, I’ll explain how to easily get there.

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Palworld: How to find Sakurajima

Thankfully, Sakurajima in Palworld is available to everyone from the start… if you know where to go. Depending on how much of the Palworld map you’ve already explored, you may have an easy time getting to Sakurajima.

If you’re like me and have only visited a small number of places, you may be lost on where to go. The easiest way to get to Sakurajima is from the Icewind Island Fast Travel Point.

How To Get To Sakurajima In Palworld Ice Wind Island
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This Fast Travel Point is the closest landmark you can get to Sakurajima. If you don’t know where that is, Ice Wind Island is an island that’s northwest of your first spawn point. I had to travel from Moonless Shore and head northwest until I made it to the hot Twilight Dunes. From there, I used a Pal that could swim as well as a gliding and ground Pal to ride on and make it to my destination faster.

I would highly recommend you don’t walk on foot since you’ll require a swimming Pal like Chillet or Surfent to quickly swim from Ice Wind Island to Sakurajima Island. It’s not a long swim, so you shouldn’t run out of stamina. It would be even better if you had a flying Pal to avoid swimming entirely.

How To Get To Sakurajima In Palworld Swim
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Once you reach Sakurajima, you’ll see the words Sakurajima: Mushroom Wetland pop up. This is a smaller area in the southern part of Sakurajima filled with tall mushrooms and Pals such as Croajiro and Shroomer.

Just be wary that Sakurajima is filled with level 45+ Pals, so wait until you’re around level 45 to explore Sakurajima. Otherwise, you’ll have a tough time catching Pals and fighting them. It’d be wise to know about Pal Sphere capture rates.

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