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How to get Ultimate Bunny in The First Descendant

I assume you play this game for the plot?

Ultimate Bunny is a rather sought after Descendant in The First Descendant due to… reasons. Here’s how to get her.

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This is a character, not a skin, so you’ll have to research and earn Ultimate Bunny like any other Descendant in The First Descendant. She is much more powerful than Bunny, so you can use that as your excuse for unlocking her.

How to unlock Ultimate Bunny in The First Descendant

Ultimate Bunny has a very long list of items that are needed before you can unlock her. You’ll be playing this game for a long time.

Here is everything you need to unlock Ultimate Bunny:

  • 900,000 Gold
  • Ultimate Bunny Enhanced Cells
    • 450,000 Gold
    • 949 Repton
    • 919 Ceramic Composite
    • 73 Encrypted Neural Circuit
    • Ultimate Bunny Enhanced Cells Blueprint
  • Ultimate Bunny Stabilizer
    • 450,000 Gold
    • 1,285 Superfluid
    • 869 Hardener
    • 102 Specialized Biometal
    • Ultimate Bunny Stabilizer Blueprint
  • Ultimate Bunny Spiral Catalyst
    • 450,000 Gold
    • 1,247 Carbon Crystal
    • 1,023 Reverse Charging Coil
    • 89 Pure Energy Residue
    • Ultimate Bunny Spiral Catalyst Blueprint
  • Ultimate Bunny Code

How to get the materials for Ultimate Bunny in The First Descendant

There are 14 different item types that go into making everything needed for Ultimate Bunny — not to mention the 2,250,000 Gold needed for payments.

Thankfully, all the information regarding how to get these items are able to be found in-game. In Albions, go to Anais, the Magister, and you’ll be able to see all the Descendants able to be researched. Search the Descendants menu for Ultimate Bunny and select her.

Hover your cursor over the needed materials and press “F.” You’ll be told and directed (if applicable) to where you’ll be able to earn that resource. These items are earned either from resource crates found in different regions or from mission rewards.

If you haven’t unlocked the region to earn the needed materials, then all you can do is keep playing through the main story. As you complete regions, you’ll unlock other regions, so Ultimate Bunny is a rather late-game Descendant.

Once you’ve progressed enough in The First Descendant, you’ll be able to repeat the required missions as many times as needed to get the materials for Ultimate Bunny which is a smart way to increase your Descendant Mastery Ranks.

Do note that earning the Ultimate Bunny Code requires you to complete a Void Intercept Battle, which can be accessed on the lower left side of the map. These are incredibly tough, so be prepared.

Now that you know all you need to know about Ultimate Bunny and how to earn her, you can run some focused errands. Make sure to grab some Kuiper Shards on the way to level up your Modules.

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