How to get Vanguard and Warzone Pacific Strategic Assault Prime Gaming bundle

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It’s a good day to be a Prime Gaming subscriber, as a new Vanguard and Warzone Pacific bundle has landed for free. The Call of Duty in-game store is always full of bundles and cosmetics for you to purchase. But the last time Call of Duty received a Prime Gaming drop was in September 2021 with the Bogged Down bundle. Now, a new set of rewards are ready and waiting for you to claim. All you have to do is follow a few steps and you can show off your rewards in future matches.

The Strategic Assault Prime Gaming drop contains eight rewards. You can get your hands on the Epic Desert Dualist operator skin along with a legendary Glided Enthusiasm weapon blueprint. In addition, there are two calling cards and two weapon charms up for grabs. The Salesman gesture and Twin Steel emblem are also available for you to use.


How to claim Vanguard and Warzone Prime Gaming rewards

Before you can claim your drops, you have to connect your Prime Gaming and Activision accounts. The first step is to visit the Call of Duty Prime Gaming page. Navigate to the content drop and select the Claim Now option. Then, log in with your Prime Gaming account, which must have an active subscription. Once you have done this, click on the option that redirects you to the Activision website so you can link your account. After logging in, allow Prime Gaming to connect to the account and then complete the claim. The next time you play Vanguard or Warzone Pacific, you should see your Prime Gaming rewards in your inventory.

If you are Prime Gaming subscriber, you won’t want to miss out on free Vanguard and Warzone Pacific drops. The Call of Duty Prime Gaming page shows that there are more drops to come in the future for Vanguard, Warzone Pacific, and even Black Ops Cold War.

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