How to get Virginia’s Leather Suit in Sons of the Forest

Sons Of The Forest Leather Suit Featured

There are many items you can get in Sons of the Forest, such as transportation options like the Hang Glider and clothes like a Winter Jacket. Another wearable item you can track down is the Leather Suit for Virginia, which you can find on the map. If you’re wondering where you can get this piece of clothing, here’s how to get Virginia’s Leather Suit in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest – How to locate Virginia’s Leather Suit

Virginia’s Leather Suit is something you can find on the map relatively easily. You can find this item of clothing on the north of the map, next to a lake. You can see the precise location in the image provided below. Once you spawn, you should head there and grab it. When you get there, you’ll notice a helicopter that’s up on a ridge from the lake — that is where the Leather Suit is found in Sons of the Forest.

Sons Of The Forest Virginia Leather Suit Location

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How to change Virginia’s clothes

Once you get the Leather Suit for Virginia, you might be wondering how to give her this item to wear herself. We have a guide on changing Kelvin’s outfit in particular, and the method for Virginia is almost the same. Well, sort of, because you also have to factor in the initial process of getting Virginia to become a companion. But after you’ve done that, the method is similar. 

All you need to do to have Virginia wear this item of clothing is walk up to her, interact, and give her an item. This then results in your inventory popping open, and you being able to give her an item of clothing to wear.

Sons of the Forest is available on Steam.

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