How to get Wishful Ignorance Gauntlets Titan Exotic in Destiny 2 and best builds
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How to get Wishful Ignorance Gauntlets Titan Exotic in Destiny 2 and best builds

Banner of War is back, baby!

If you’re a Titan main, you know the power of Strand. What if I told you there was an Exotic that made it even better? Here’s how to get Wishful Ignorance Gauntlets Titan Exotic in Destiny 2 and the best build to go with them.

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How to get the Wishful Ignorance Exotic Gauntlets in Destiny 2

You can get the Wishful Ignorance from Exotic Engrams as a random drop. If you’ve done any Bounty Prep, there’s a chance your Exotic Engrams will also decrypt into the Gauntlets.

You’ll need to visit Rahool in the Tower as usual to decrypt Exotic Engrams. The catch is to decode Tier 3 Exotic Engrams, which is how you get access to the new The Final Shape Exotics, you’ll need to reset your rank with Rahool first, which will take some time. Rahool will slowly level up as you decode Engrams of any rarity with him.

What is the Wishful Ignorance in Destiny 2?

The Wishful Ignorance Exotic Gauntlets have a fantastic exotic perk that improves the Frenzied Blade ability. Strand Titans gain an additional charge for the Frenzied Blade, and consecutive hits deal more damage.

The Banner of War Strand Aspect has been nerfed multiple times yet remains a solid choice. If you don’t want to let go of this iconic build, you can give it a fresh lease on life with the Wishful Ignorance. There’s a case to be made for the Synthoceps still being top-tier for a Frenzied Blade build, but it’s a must-have for any Titan.

If you’ve got your grubby Titan mitts on the Wishful Ignorance Gauntlets, here’s a great build to go with them:


  • Banner of War – Defeat an enemy with a melee attack, finisher, or sword to raise a Banner of War that pulses with healing energy. Sword and melee damage is also increased.
  • Into the Fray – Destroying a Tangle or casting your Super grants Woven Mail to you and nearby allies.


  • Thread of Warding – Picking up an Orb of Power grants Woven Mail.
  • Thread of Finality – Finishers make Threadlings.
  • Thread of Transmutation – Weapon final blows create a Tangle while you have Woven Mail.
  • Thread of Fury – Damaging enemies with a Tangle grants melee energy.

Banner of War is a powerhouse, and you’re in for a real treat if you’ve never used it. If you strike an opponent with Frenzied Blade, you’ll trigger Banner of War, which heals you and nearby teammates for its duration. You can increase the duration and strength of the healing effect by killing enemies, and your nearby allies can add to this.

Our Fragments help us activate Woven Mail, a potent defensive buff that makes you almost unkillable in more straightforward content.

Abilities and Weapons

Grapple 1
Grapple Grenades are so much fun! – Screenshot: PC Invasion


  • Super – Bladefury
  • Class Ability – Towering Barricade
  • Jump – Strafe Lift
  • Melee – Frenzied Blade
  • Grenade – Grapple Grenade


  • Scatter Signal Strand Fusion Rifle
  • Midnight Coup Kinetic Handcannon
  • Luna’s Howl Solar Handcannon
  • Edge Transit Void Grenade Launcher

My favorite part about this build is that it works like a self-contained engine. The only ability you need is Frenzied Blade, which pairs with our Wishful Ignorance Gauntlets. Everything else is your choice, although I feel like you’re missing out if you don’t use Grapple Grenades.

This same build freedom extends to our weapons. The Scatter Signal is a fantastic Strand Fusion Rifle, but you can use anything. You can activate Banner of War with a Sword if you wish, but I find it’s completely optional.

Exotic Armor is important, but don’t sleep on the guns. Many of the best Exotic weapons in the game are years old, so it’s never too late to fill your arsenal

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