Botany Manor How To Grow Pixie Tears
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How to grow Pixie Tears in Botany Manor

Sugar, oh, honey honey.

Pixie Tears is one of the Chapter 3 flowers to bloom in Botany Manor, but how do you grow it? With every new Chapter comes tougher puzzles, so here’s how to grow Pixie Tears.

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Botany Manor: How to grow Pixie Tears

All you know at the start of the Chapter is that Pixie Tears is associated with orchards. With that in mind, you’ll be able to grow Pixie Tears in Botany Manor by blending the apples Knobby Russet, Cat’s Head, and Merlin’s Mist into the soil. First off, let’s look at all the required clues to create Pixie Tears:

  • Chloroplasts Book: Orchard
  • Microscope Slides: Orchard
  • Pot Notes: Orchard (inside the tiny shed)
  • Cider Apples: Cider Garden
  • Apple Blending: Cider Garden
Microscope Slide
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Most plants in Botany Manor don’t grow normally, such as Fulgaria and Brook Chalice. You’ll probably first come across the Chloroplasts Book and Microscope Slides that tell you that certain plants don’t grow from sunlight, but from sugar. You can even glance at a Microscope Slide of Pixie Tears that doesn’t have any chloroplasts.

Botany Manor How To Grow Pixie Tears Seeds
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Then just nearby is a small shed you can open to find Pot Notes. This details how many grams of additives each pot type should take, and for our pots, it’s 97 grams. Inside this shed is also the Pixie Tears seeds.

  • Botany Manor How To Grow Pixie Tears Cider Apples
  • Apple Blending

Now that you know how much sugar Pixie Tears should receive, head over to the Cider Garden through the blue door and check out the Cider Apples poster and Apple Blending paper. The page tells you how much sugar each apple has, and you want to add up as many apples as you need until you reach an exact amount of 97 grams. There are a few different combinations that work, but I just went with these apples:

  • Knobby Russet: 40 grams
  • Cat’s Head: 30 grams
  • Merlin’s Mist: 27 grams
Botany Manor How To Grow Pixie Tears Cider
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All three of these apples combined make up 97 grams, so look around this small area and grab all three apples, placing them onto the contraption that can press them down. Once you have the required apples, place a Pixie Tears seedling into the pot slot beneath the contraption and turn the handle. This will blend the apples into a cider and out the spout it goes, right into your pot.

Immediately, you should notice Pixie Tears bloom before your eyes as a flutter of Butterflies surrounds it. With Pixie Tears out of the way, you can get to the even tougher flower Wolfglove.

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