Burden Remedy And Elixir In Palworld
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How to make Burden Elixir and Burden Remedy in Palworld

A weight off your shoulders.

In Palworld, the Burden Elixir and Burden Remedy potions are incredibly valuable items that can be both found and made, but not easily.

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Both the Burden Elixir and Burden Remedy increase your carrying capacity permanently, although the Burden Elixir increases it the most. That does make it particularly difficult to obtain, however.

How to make Burden Elixir in Palworld

The Burden Elixir permanently increases your carrying capacity, making it a valuable asset to hunt down and make. You can find Burden Elixirs from Supply Drops, an event that randomly occurs near you when exploring. I’ve consistently found two of them in the chest every time a Supply Drop has happened.

Burden Elixir Palworld
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You can also purchase the Burden Elixir from the Medal Merchant, for 350 Dog Coins. You’ll find the Medal Merchant in the Desolate Church.

Finally, if you have the Electric Medicine Workbench, you can make the Burden Elixir for the following materials:

The Carrying Lotus (L) is an item exclusively used to make Burden Elixirs. You can obtain this item as a rare drop from inside dungeons in Sakurajima island or as drops from the Blazamut Ryu raid boss.

Choose the method that’s easier for you, and pursue that route to get some Burden Elixirs in Palworld.

How to make Burden Remedy in Palworld

Interestingly, it seems that you can only craft the Burden Remedy, as it isn’t found as a reward from anything and it isn’t sold by any vendors.

Burden Remedy Palworld
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The Burden Remedy can be crafted on the Medieval Medicine Workbench, and on higher quality workbenches, for the following materials:

  • Carrying Lotus (S) x4
  • Swee Hair x3
  • Cotton Candy x2
  • Pal Fluids x2

Like Carrying Lotus (L), Carrying Lotus (S) is exclusively used to make Burden Remedies. You can find this item when defeating Blazamut Ryu, the raid boss introduced in the Sakurajima update.

Now that you know all about obtaining the Burden Elixir and Burden Remedy in Palworld, why not make sure you know how to farm those Dog Coins?

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