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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty leads players through a number of foreboding environments. Few can match a dungeon littered with prison tells, corpses, and fearsome beasts. There are signs of life, the kind that might be worth saving, but they often lurk behind locked doors. Here is our guide on how to open the prison cell doors in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Wo Long: How to open the locked prison cell doors

A detour to a dungeon is in order, once the hero decides to make for Zhang Rang’s walled manor. That excursion reveals a sprawling underground environment filled with tortured souls and the bodies they left behind. Guards patrol, and some of the best loot is locked behind steel doors you can’t pass.

To open the prison cell doors, find the Luoyong Dungeon Keys. They aren’t located far from where you first enter the dungeon. When you arrive in the area, you are at the highest level. As you descend the first set of wide stairs, note the balcony leading forward to your left. It heads to wall on the far side of the chamber. To the right, on the lowest floor, shallow purple water serves as a playground for hostile mermaids. A particularly powerful one lurks near a pedestal where you can raise a battle flag (but only after you defeat its guardian).

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dragon Luoyang Dungeon Keys On Cell Floor

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Make your way carefully to the lowest level of the dungeon by dropping to some scaffolding to the right and below the main stone balcony, then dropping again to reach the lowest level. There are numerous enemies along the way, but you don’t have to stop to fight them. When you reach the lowest level, proceed to the area guarded by the largest of the mermaids. She is a powerful foe. Make sure to parry or dodge her attacks, and counter when you have an opening. To the left of where you fight that mermaid, look for an open cell in the corner. A glowing point rests on its floor. Defeat the weak enemy mob that guards it, then check that point to acquire the Luoyong Dungeon Keys.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dragon Luoyang Dungeon Keys Free Hermit Of Tianzhu

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The rewards within

With the keys now in your possession, you can open prison cell doors. On that lowest near where you found the keys, check behind a locked door to find a pedestal where you can raise a marking flag. Behind a door at the dungeon’s high level, you’ll find a convenient pedestal where you can plant another battle flag. A nearby cell also contains a treasure chest with some decent loot.

Finally, continue exploring the upper levels thoroughly. You can climb some rubbish in a small room to reach a higher pathway that leads to a final locked cell. There, you can free the Hermit of Tianzhu and earn the ‘Dogged Justice’ achievement.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and PC Game Pass.

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