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How to Play Minecraft Legends Multiplayer

Everything is better with friends.

Playing Minecraft Legends can be a fun experience, and it can make many things easier when you have someone helping. Finding Prismarine for example can be a task to do, but with more players assisting, the search becomes easier. Minecraft Legend features a few modes which can all be played either solo or online. While this is a great feature to have, it’s a little bit confusing how to set it up. This guide will show you how to play Minecraft Legends multiplayer.

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Minecraft Legends: How to play multiplayer

How to play the campaign online

To start a fresh campaign with other players, click New Game and then press the Tab key or click the Friends button. Once you’ve pressed it your friends list should pop up. From this list, you can invite any of your friends to join your session.

Note that you can only invite a maximum of 3 players to join your campaign.

After everyone has accepted their invites, all players should be loading into the same world.

If you have started a campaign, and want your friends to join, follow the steps above. But make sure you select the campaign and then invite other players.

Minecraft Legends Campaign Mode Screen

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How to join someone else’s Minecraft Legends session

There are two ways to do this, but it depends on how the host has set up their game. If the game is set to Friends, you can join their game without an invite. Head to the Friends Tab in the main menu, search for the host’s name, and click Join Game. You’ll be sent to their world once you do this.

If it’s Invite Only, the host must send you an invite in order for you to join.

How to play PVP in Minecraft Legends 

You can do this by clicking Versus Mode from the main menu. Once you’re here, hit Tab or press the Friends Button to open your friends list. You can invite up to seven other players to join your game this way.

We heard a little about the PVP mode in Minecraft Legend back in January, but now we have all of the details. In this mode, two teams are pitted against each other, with both teams having up to four players. The goal of Versus Mode is to destroy the opponent’s Well of Fate. It follows a lot of meta of many other Minecraft games and spin-offs, so things could get interesting.

Minecraft Legends Versus Mode Selected

Screenshot via PC Invasion

Minecraft Legends is available now via Steam, Xbox Gamepass, Playstation Store, and My Nintendo Store.

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