Mrbeast Fortnite 1 Million Tournament how to play

Fortnite Chapter 4 is off to a grand start, and Epic Games and creator MrBeast have teamed up to host a tournament with an award of $1 million USD going to the winner. If you’re wondering how to get in on the action and play the MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge tournament in Fortnite, look no further. We’ve gathered the details here for you.

This limited-time tournament takes place in-game on Saturday, December 17 from 12 PM ET to 3 PM ET. However, you can start practicing now, because the custom island mode is already available for training. It can be found under the Epic’s Picks submenu when searching for gametypes. Just queue up and you’ll be able to load into a private solo match by yourself or with friends. Alternately, you can queue a public match to experience some chaotic fun.

How to play the MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge in Fortnite

There’s no building or shooting involved this time, so it opens the doors for all to try. Instead of battle royale, it involves an obstacle course of sorts plus a variety of minigames that queue throughout the match.

The objective is to accrue points without dying, and you begin each match with a set amount of health. You’ll need to follow the in-game prompts such as emoting, reaching zones, and avoiding obstacles to keep getting score while avoiding damage. There are also coins that spawn around the various stages which award bonus score, but you have to be quick before the coins despawn.

Fortnite Mr Beast Extreme Survival Challenge How To Play Rewards Umbrella Event

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Be ready for some serious challenges that require you to be quick to react. Learning how to play the MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge in Fortnite is no easy affair, as there are rapidly changing objectives and obstacles that can quickly knock down your health. You definitely want to practice and start learning the mechanics and ways to keep yourself from getting eliminated.

Once the tournament begins on December 17, you’ll have three hours to manage your best score. Epic will only count your best run. Only one person can will the grand prize, but there are other in-game cosmetics to earn for placing well and hitting certain score milestones. These include MrBeast sprays, loading screens, and gliders. You have until January 4 to get those.

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