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How to play: Rocksmith 2014 trailer shows you how it all works

Rocksmith 2014

Ubisoft have released a new gameplay video for the forthcoming Rocksmith 2014, which is due out in 2013 because that’s how game names work.

Said video contains four minutes of footage explaining how it – and the new modes – work, and it sounds like a pretty big improvement over the original. There are a whole host of new lessons to teach you specifics, a Mission Mode that gives you specific goals which’ll help you improve your performance on songs, an updated Master Mode that fades out sections of the song that you can play well (meaning you gradually learn how to play from memory), an advanced Riff Repeater and modes to help you learn songs, intelligence that works out which bits you’re having trouble with and figures out what lessons and exercises you should do to improve on those sections…

There’s a lot, basically. Check out the trailer below for the full lowdown, and bear in mind that Rocksmith 2014 is due out in October.

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