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How to play seamless co-op in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Mysery loves company.

As they say, everything is better with friends, and by using the seamless co-op mod in Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree, it has never been easier — if the mod works, that is. Let’s get started on how to install it and get into the latest DLC with your fellow Tarnished.

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Is the seamless co-op Elden Ring mod working?

As reported by a representative of the modder, the Seamless Co-op mod can now be used for Shadow of The Erdtree DLC. However, be aware that it is still in a beta testing stage, so you may find a few bugs. Patience if a virtue.

Whether you are trying to use this seamless co-op mod for vanilla Elden Ring or the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, you might run into complications. LukeYui is hard at work fixing the mod so it works on the DLC, so check back in on the mod page to see when it’s up and running.

How to install and play the seamless co-op mod

Once the mod is working, installing and using it is a process. Just follow these instructions, or the instructions on the site, and you’ll be playing Shadow of The Erdtree with friends in an instant.

Download and install the co-op mod

  • Head to this website and download the seamless co-op mod for SoTE.
  • Open your Elden Ring game files by right-clicking Elden Ring in your Steam Library, selecting Manage, and clicking on Browse Local Files.
  • Open the folder named Game.
  • Drag the two files from the mod folder into your Game folder in Elden Ring.
  • One of these new files is called Launch_Elden_Ring_Seamlesscoop.exe.
  • Create a shortcut for this file and place it on your desktop. This is where you will launch the game from now on.

How to use Elden Ring seamless co-op on Steam Deck

To play seamless coop, Shadow of The Erdtree on Steam Deck, simply follow the steps above, but on your Steam Deck. Once you have the shortcut created for the Seamless co-op launcher, follow these steps.

  • Open the Steam launcher on your Steam Deck and navigate to the Games tab on the toolbar at the top.
  • Select Add a Non-Steam Game and select the Seamless co-op EXE shortcut.
  • You can now launch Seamless co-op for Elden Ring on your Steam Deck through your library.
seamless co-op shadow of the erdtree
Screenshot: PC Invasion

How to play seamless co-op Shadow of The Erdtree

Now that you have seamless co-op installed, playing multiplayer with your friends is really quite simple in Elden Ring and will require just a few items.

  • Open the Seamless Co-op folder you added to your Elden Ring game files.
  • Open the file called Seamlesscoopsettings.
  • In this file, you will notice a sentence at the top that ends with cooppassword =
  • Both you and your friend need to set the same password at the end of this sentence and save the file.
  • Open your game to find the Tiny Great Pot now in your inventory. Use this to open your session to friends.
  • Your friend needs to use the Effigy of Malenia item to join your Edlen Ring session.

To end the seamless co-op session in Elden Ring, simply use the Separation Mist Item. If you and your friends need a hand getting through Shadow of The Erdtree, check out our guides hub.

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