How to power up the elevator in Atomic Heart

How To Power Up The Elevator Atomic Heart

Early on in the story, you’ll encounter an objective that asks you to “Power up the elevator.” Despite being one of the first puzzles it can be surprisingly confusing as you aren’t given much direction by the game on what to do. Here’s how to power up the elevator in Atomic Heart.

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Steps to power up the elevator

The elevators you are trying to power up sit opposite of one another in a room with a large hole filled with fire located in the middle. For now, head past the room through the double doors and turn left. Here you’ll encounter a door with a key disk lock. You need to get into this door by opening the lock however doing so requires a key disk. After interacting with the lock the game will provide guidance on where to go with markers that you can follow.

How To Power Up The Elevator Key Disk Location Atomic Heart

The key disk needed to power up the elevator in Atomic Heart can be found inside this desk. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Following the markers will lead you back through the double doors you came through and up the stairs on the left. Take a right through another pair of double doors on the second floor and follow the path around until you are warned about a Dandelion security camera. To deal with the security camera you can either sneak past it, use Shok on it or hit it with your Swede axe.

Continue on past the camera and enter the Administration’s service room on the left-hand side of the corridor. Interact with the desk on your immediate right as you enter the service room (Interact is ‘F’ or ‘RB/R1’ by default) to find the key disk.

How To Power Up The Elevator Relay Light Puzzle Solution Atomic Heart

The solution to the light relay puzzle. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you’ve got the key disk you need to return to the locked door. Interact with the lock and Major will automatically unlock the door using the key disk. Upon entering there will be a light relay puzzle on your left. To solve the relay puzzle, interact with the relays in the order shown above.

Completing the light relay puzzle will power up the elevator letting you carry on with Atomic Heart. Head back to the elevators, enter either elevator and press the button inside to continue with the story.

Atomic Heart can be purchased on Steam.

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