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How to prestige and reset your character in The First Descendant

Max level already?

It won’t take you as long as you may expect to hit the maximum level in The First Descendant, so you’ll need to prestige to keep getting more powerful.

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Besides getting more powerful, prestiging will allow you to cut certain module types’ costs in half, allowing you to equip more powerful Modules.

What is the max level cap in The First Descendant?

The max level a Descendant can reach in The First Descendant is level 40.

Once you reach this cap, any more EXP you earn will be wasted as you won’t be able to gain any more experience. The only way to keep getting stronger is to reset your level through prestiging. So let’s go over the steps involved.

How to prestige in The First Descendant

Thankfully, the prestige process is rather simple in The First Descendant, although getting the materials required is rather tricky.

To prestige, you need to head into your Descendant Module screen and select “Modify Additional Settings” on the top right. Then, select “Assign Module Socket Type.”

The First Descendnt Module Socket Type Slots
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This will bring you to the “prestige” screen. Here, you can see your Module Slots and which ones have Socket Types. When a Module is placed on a Module Slot and matches the Socket Type, it’ll be half price (and will appear green).

To prestige, select the Module Socket Type you want to place and select “Apply Socket Type” in the lower right.

This will consume all 40 of your levels and a Crystallization Catalyst. You can keep repeating this process to fine-tune your Module build.

Now you know how to prestige in The First Descendant and what it does. Let’s go over how to make your Crystallization Catalyst.

How to make a Crystallization Catalyst in The First Descendant

The First Descendnt Crystallization Catalyst
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Crystallization Catalysts are a crucial component of the prestige process in The First Descendant. They are pretty pricey to make.

To make the Crystallization Catalyst, you’ll need the following Research Materials:

  • 187,500 Gold
  • 8 Murky Residue
  • 22 Macromolecule Biogel
  • 8 Mixed Energy Residue
  • 18 Advanced Neural Circuit
  • Crystallization Catalyst Blueprint

The hardest part of this list is the Crystallization Catalyst Blueprint, which you’ll need to get from an Amorphous Material.

The Crystallization Catalyst Blueprint can be obtained from the following Amorphous Material Patterns and which Colossus is needed to reconstruct it.

Amorphous Material PatternRequired Colossus
003Grave Walker
004Grave Walker
009Stunning Beauty
011Stunning Beauty
023Dead Bride
024Dead Bride
043Swamp Walker
045Swamp Walker
051Hanged Man
052Hanged Man
066Dead Bride
068Dead Bride
094Swamp Walker
096Swamp Walker
114Frost Walker
116Frost Walker
124Molten Fortress
126Molten Fortress

A lot of Amorphous Material Patterns can give you the Blueprint, which allows for an ease of farming.

Now that you know all about the prestige system in The First Descendant, you can level up with purpose. Just make sure you’ve got enough Gold to seal the deal when the time comes.

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