How to prevent and fix corrupted save files in Aska
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How to prevent and fix corrupted save files in Aska

Dude, who stole my village?

Since Aska is in early access, the survival game is facing issues. If the game corrupted your save files, this guide will show you how to prevent Aska from doing that and fix it. 

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Aska: How to prevent and fix your save files from being corrupted

The game features a great autosave system, but it only triggers at certain moments, like surviving each day. So, if you want to save at specific times, you have the option to manually do that. However, some players a reporting that if they save and then click Save and Exit, any building like the Eye of Odin to recruit villagers gets removed. 

At the moment, Sand Sailor Studio has identified the problem. While there’s no patch, the only fix that can keep your base is to hit to Save and Exit option only. Doing that will keep everything. This has happened to me once already. Even when I had the best settings running for Aska, things like my save file getting lost came up. To not go through what I went through, I highly recommend you listen to the developers and press Save and Exit religiously. 

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Note, that this happens in both single-player and the multiplayer mode. No matter what mode you’re on, the solution will be the same.

Why does this happen?

At the moment, there’s no reason. My theory is that this might have something to do with AI villagers. Sometimes the AI components act up causing a chain reaction behind the scenes resulting in your save file being corrupted. I did notice this started to happen when I had nine-plus villagers doing things. But when I just had a small number of NPCs, this issue didn’t happen. But, no matter what, I’ve been pressing that Save and Quit button every chance I get to avoid losing everything — again. 

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Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for a patch, but it would be nice if there were a permanent solution. For now, just use the advice mentioned above and you can build your village with peace of mind.

To get started on the right foot in Aska, you should build a shelter

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