Golden Braid Shadow Of The Erdtree
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How to reach Scaduview and get Golden Braid Talisman in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Get ready for a long journey.

As with any FromSoftware game, there are hidden areas in the map that you will only find with a guide or some kind of extra-sensory perception. If you’re trying to find the super OP Golden Braid Talisman, you will have to access the hidden Scaduview area of Shadow of The Erdtree. Here’s how.

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How to get the Golden Braid Talisman

Finding the talisman once you have reached Scaduview is actually very simple in Shadow of The Erdtree. You need to head Northeast from the initial Site of Grace to the Shaman Village on the hill. Here, at the top of the village, you will find a large, grey tree overlooking the Shadow Keep. Buried in the base of the tree is a body that holds the Golden Brain Talisman. However, getting to Scaduview takes a long time.

How To Reach Scaduview And Get Golden Braid Talisman In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree
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What does the Golden Braid Talisman do?

The Golden Braid Talisman boosts damage negation from Holy by the highest possible amount in Elden Ring so far. This makes it a perfect talisman to use against the final boss, maybe even essential.

How to reach Scaduview

This guide is written with the presumption you haven’t unlocked any of the Shadow Keep Sites of Grace. Either way, there are a few things you may want to pick up along the way. Begin this journey at Moorth Ruins Site of Grace.

Descend the ruins

Beginning at the Moorth Ruins Site of Grace, where you learn hand-to-hand combat from the monk, make your way into the ruins themselves. From here, head directly to the right of the building in front of you, and be aware of the drop.

How To Reach Scaduview And Get Golden Braid Talisman In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree (2)
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Use your horse, with its double jump, to reach the bottom of the pit. Try to keep your drops as low as possible, taking your time to scope out ledges. Once you reach the bottom, be aware of the two enemies.

Double back on yourself to drop down once again and enter the long cave tunnel in front of you. You will find a monstrous ladder in there. This is the first of many. Climb up and get ready for the next area.

Collect the O’Mother gesture from Bonny Village

You will enter Bonny Village, which can be explored and massacred, but save that for later. Pick up the Site of Grace and head East through the village until you come to a ravine with a broken bridge. Get to the other side of this, and run North along the opposite side until you leave the village.

You will notice a grey, bent tree in the distance. Subsequently, you will find the O’Mother gesture. It is marked on the map. This is essential to accessing Scaduview and gaining the Golden Braid talisman in Shadow of The Erdtree

O'mother Gesture Location In Bonny Village
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Enter the Shadow Keep

You need to not get into the back entrance of the Shadow Keep by heading northwest to the point marked on the map. This will get you access to the area through a huge door built into the walls. Following the path up the stairs will eventually bring you to the Flooded Chapel area, still full of water.

This area has a few enemies, but only one you need to worry about. You must navigate across the rooves to the far left of the area you can see from the Site of Grace. Jump across the rooves, ignoring the Crabs and letting the exploding ghouls kill themselves.

When you reach the roof at the far side, there will be a Wizard that you can ignore, but he will throw fireballs. From that far roof, use the supports for the chapel behind you to get to the roof on the left, as marked in the image. On this roof, look for the hole. You can drop down this to the cross-shaped supports below. Be careful, one misstep and you’re dead.

How To Get To Scaduview In Shadow Of The Erdtree
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Once in the Shadow Keep, make your way to the solid ground in front of you, drop through the gap and head left. Continue on, passing or fighting the enemies, until you come to a door leading to a stone bridge on your left. Cross this bridge to enter the first of many lifts in your quest to get the Golden Braid from Scaduview in Shadow of The Erdtree.

Platforming joy

I hate platforming so much, but it is a necessary evil. There is a little involved while trying to get to Scaduview and claim that Golden Braid in SotE. So, once you have exited the lift, take a left and continue forward. Use the Site of Grace and head to the ladders you will see on the balcony close by.

At the top, turn east, and make your way up the stairs. At the top, stick to the right wall until you come to a gap. Head through, and take a right, being careful of the ledge as you continue forward. At the end of it, you will find another Site of Grace, which you absolutely should not bypass, and a lift to take you to the platforms above.

Take a left from the lift, and make your way over the platforms until you reach a ladder. At the top of this, continue forward and right along the platforms. Once you reach the end of the right turn, with the Bat feasting on a body, you can see the balcony below you need to reach. I killed the Bat, jumped past it, and was able to safely land on the Balcony below from this point. However, if you want to make it a little safer, keep heading around until you find a ladder down.

How To Get The Golden Braid Scaduview Sote
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This ladder will bring you closer and leave you with a safer drop.

Entering Scaduview

From this balcony, you must again walk around the outside of the building using the ledges. This is the last stage of the path to Scadview, so enjoy yourself. As you reach the ends of the ledges there will be first one lift, and then after another short ledge section, one more.

Head down these lifts to get to the final Site of Grace before you can access Scaduview. Check into it and take a look to your right. You will notice a room with a huge painting in it.

How To Access Scaduview Golden Braid Elden Ring
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Head to the painting and perform the O’Mother gesture to access Scaduview. You can now head through and start the final steps listed above to find the Golden Braid Talisman in Shadow of The Erdtree. Make sure to check this guide for Spirit Ash locations alongside this one to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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