Scadutree Chalice Shadow Of The Erdtree
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How to reach the Scadutree Chalice in Shadow of The Erdtree

Like Timon and Pumbaa, but evil.

The Scadutree Chalice in Shadow of The Erdtree is an interesting place due to its collection of Scadutree fragments and weird purpose. Here is how you can reach it easily in Elden Ring.

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Getting to the Scadutree Chalice

You’ll want to reach this area as soon as you can. The Scadutree Chalice location in Shadow of The Erdtree is home to a ton of Scadutree Fragments, ripe for the picking. However, getting there is no easy task and will require quite a few steps to reach it.

From Moorth Ruins to Shadow Keep

The full guide on how to reach Shadow Keep, Back Entrance can be found here. It will also help you to gain access to the hidden Scaduview area. In brief, follow these instructions.

Getting to the Back Entrance of Shadow Keep will require you to make your way through the Moorth Ruins and Bonny Village. Leaving Bonny Village, make your way to the entrance of Shadow Keep by heading Northwest. You will eventually come to a huge cave entrance leading to the flooded section of Shadow Keep.

How To Get To Scaduview In Shadow Of The Erdtree
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Make your way across the rooftops to the opposite side. Drop down through the roof, and navigate around the storeroom. After several levels, lifts, and platforms, you will eventually work your way down one final lift. This will bring you to Shadow Keep, Back Entrance Site of Grace.

This is where you will have to fight the Shadow of The Erdtree boss to open the Scadutree Chalice location.

How to beat Commander Gaius

As bosses go, this one is a bit of a nightmare. I found his attacks to be far too fast, far too long-reaching, and with little to no break to them. However, he does have a few weaknesses, and with a little luck and timing, he can be beaten.

As you leave the Shadow Keep, Back Entrance Site of Grace, Commander Gaius will enter the arena. Within seconds, he will be charging you down, giving you little time for summoning. I recommend getting out of the way first, then finding a moment to summon. Of course, if you’re a pro, no summons are necessary.

Commander Gaius Scadutree Chalice Shadow Of The Erdtree
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Commander Gaius has one big weakness, as far as I can tell, and that is bleeding damage. I would suggest going in with something with a heavy bleed and high one-shot damage. The Bloodfiends Arm is totally broken and has an insane one-shot bleed build-up if you want to go grab that.

Commander Gaius has a lot of charge attacks. The only way to avoid these is to roll. Blocking doesn’t seem to do the trick. However, these attacks can include stabs, headbutts, and stomps, so learn the timing well before trying to slip in an attack.

I found that using a few of the more sturdy trees slowed Commander Gaius up quite a lot. Use these moments to take a potion or two and catch your breath. Once you have defeated Commander Gaius, a new route will open up behind him, leading to the Scadutree Chalice In Shadow of The Erdtree.

Now you have a handful of Scadutree Fragments, check our guides hub for the best way to spend them.

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