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With regular updates and a ton of new skin packages in the game like the exciting Dragon Ball crossover, you can be anything and build everything to your heart’s content in Fortnite. However, just like with any other purchases you make in real life, you may eventually realize that an item you purchased isn’t exactly what you hoped for it to be. Other times, you may just have accidentally bought the wrong one. Either way, Epic Games has an easy and quick solution for this. Here’s how to refund Fortnite skins.

How do I refund my skins in Fortnite?

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After buying a skin, you are given a 30-day allowance to decide whether you want to return it or keep it for good. If you are still within those 30 days and decide to return it, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Open Fortnite.
  2. From the lobby, click on the main menu in the top left corner.
  3. Click on Settings which shows as a gear icon.
  4. Select ‘Support & Refunds.’
  5. Click on ‘Return or Cancel Purchase.’
  6. Look for the skin or item you’d like to return.
  7. Click on the Use Return Ticket button.
  8. Confirm by clicking on ‘Yes, I want to use a return ticket.’

Alternatively, you can also click on Settings from the Menu. You can then click on the silhouette icon at the farthest right to open the Account and Privacy settings page. From there you can go to ‘Return or Cancel Purchase under Account.’

Similar to the list of steps above, this shows you the list of all the items you bought in-game within the past 30 days which you can still refund or cancel.

What are Return Tickets in Fortnite?

Return Tickets allow you to cancel or refund an item you bought in-game. After using one, the V-Bucks initially used to purchase it get credited back to your account.

The game gives you a maximum of three Return Tickets you can use on your account. You receive an additional return ticket after every 365 days, for as long as you have less than three in your account. There are no other ways to earn extra return tickets in the game.

However, there are purchases that are eligible for Ticketless Returns, in which case the “Use Return Ticket” button will be replaced by a “Return Without Ticket” button.

Which items can you refund on Fortnite?

You can cancel or refund any purchase that you made from the Item Shop with V-Bucks, except for the following (from Epic Games):

  • Level Up Quest Packs
  • Gifts sent to friends
  • Real-money Purchases
  • Battle Pass
  • Battle Pass Tiers
  • Loot Llamas (Save the World)
  • Event and Weekly Items (Save the World)
  • Fortnite Crew Subscriptions

Battle Passes cannot be refunded as they are seasonal account upgrades that allow you exclusive access in the game. Think through your purchases carefully if you have other items that you want to prioritize.

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