How to reload in Armored Core 6 (AC6)

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Armored Core 6 is all about weapons, weapons that need to be reloaded after every shot. Thankfully, all weapons automatically reload after using all the ammo or energy. However, it is extremely beneficial to be able to manually reload a weapon before encountering more enemies. Because of that, here’s how to reload your weapons in Armored Core 6.

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How to manually reload weapons in Armored Core 6

As you learn from the Training missions, you can manually reload in Armored Core 6. To do that on consoles, you have to press triangle (or Y) and the left or right trigger at the same time.

Use the left trigger to reload the weapon in your left hand and the right trigger to reload the weapon in your right hand. Also, a tip I found useful is to quickly tap both buttons, don’t hold them down. It does take some practice because you have to press both buttons at the exact same time.

Though I find the Armored Core 6 UI to be challenging at first, this too gets easier to read. You can see the current amount of ammo you have in all your guns by looking at the curved lines on the left and right of your reticle. The line on top is the one in your hand, so if you see that it is half full, you can press triangle (or Y) and that trigger to manually reload the weapon.

Only a few weapons can be reloaded in Armored Core 6. You can’t reload any shoulder weapons or one-shot weapons like Bazookas and Grenade Launchers. Usually, the only weapons you can reload are Kinetic weapons.

Since I played AC6 on PlayStation, I’m not sure what the buttons that you need to press are to reload on PC. To learn that information, go into the settings from the garage. Once here, go to “Control Settings” and you should see the keybindings for all the Armored Core 6 controls. Scroll through these until you see the input to reload.

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