How to resolve the bird attacks in Spirittea

How To Resolve The Bird Attacks In Spirittea
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Yari is being attacked by birds around town, and you’re next. Here’s how to resolve the bird attacks going on in Spirittea.

Be Careful of the Crows! – Yari’s notice guide

The most challenging part about this board notice is actually getting to talk to Yari. He sleeps in during the morning and afternoon and during the evening (approximately 5 pm onward) he’s either playing Mario at home or is over at the general store playing with Leigh. This is your chance to talk to him and hear his account of being attacked and carried away by crows.

After this conversation, any crow you come near will hover around you. Three will have you carried off to the bathhouse and the time skipped forward a few hours. Wonyan informs you he saw one crow more irregular than the rest, and that finding it using tea vision should resolve the problem.

Wonyan Crow Spirit Spirittea
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How to resolve the bird attacks in Spirittea

From now on, you have to approach crows without getting close enough that they circle you, briefly entering and exiting tea vision each time you come across one. If you catch one’s eye, entering and exiting a building will drive it off. The culprit is down past your house somewhere in the quadrant containing the western beach, though the exact location varies. They seem to appear best around 8 pm into the night.

You and Wonyan confront the spirit. Wonyan, predictably, gets angry and resorts to the tried and true coin-wack method when this spirit’s answer pisses him off.

Crow Spirit Wonyan Violence
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The spirit then comes to its senses.

How to resolve the bird attacks in Spirittea Crow Spirit Spirttea Reveal
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This spirit is Coronis, who is unsurprisingly a (rather large) bird that appears to have a house on their back. After remembering themselves they are ashamed and agree to visit the bathhouse. The day is saved from bird abductions.

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