How To Retrieve Corpses And Survive In Murky Divers
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How to retrieve corpses and survive in Murky Divers

Will you survive?

The main goal of Murky Divers is to find remnants of corpses and bring them back to get rid of the evidence. But to do that you must also survive against strange monsters. We’ll help you figure out how to retrieve corpses and survive in Murky Divers.

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Murky Divers: Where to find corpses

After navigating the ship and reaching the dive point, there are plenty of things you can find during your dives in Murky Divers. Some of your items will be available to shred for money, which is denoted by the money symbol. But others are full corpses, and sometimes just parts of corpses.

You may find corpses all together, or you may spot a hand or a foot. Once you pick it up, you’ll quickly realize if it’s a corpse or body part by taking a good look at it. At one point I picked up a strange item, but after picking it up I realized it looked like a hand with a bone sticking out of it. You can store the item for safekeeping by pressing the “X” key.

How To Retrieve Corpses And Survive In Murky Divers Body Part Creature
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Make sure to watch out for an adorable sea creature like this guy. While he may look entirely innocent, he likes to steal items that you have. I was holding the body part when he grabbed it from me and swam away. Swim as fast as you can to the surface if you see this cutie swim towards you.

How to survive in Murky Divers

Surviving the trip back is another huge challenge in Murky Divers. Some tips for surviving are to make frequent trips back to the ship for oxygen and health, dash from monsters at the right moments, and get the right gear.

First Aid Pack
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First off, you can leave the ship and come back as many times as you’d like before the timer runs out. In the small exit area of the ship where you leave for a dive, you can regenerate health by punching (left-click) the health kit. Also, as soon as you enter the ship you’ll regain any lost O2.

Since you can only store one item and hold another, it’s important to make as many trips to the ship as possible to regain O2 and health while also dropping off items or corpses. You’ll have an easier time carrying items if you purchase the Shopping Cart from the vending machine in your ship for $200. You should be able to place items in here to store them easily.

How To Retrieve Corpses And Survive In Murky Divers Vending Machine
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Speaking of purchasing items, buying the right gear will help you survive as well. You’ll spot monsters in the dark a lot easier with Glow Sticks ($80), and you can stun them with the Taser Stick ($300). You start the game off with $150, so choose wisely. You’ll earn money once you shred the items you’ve found during your dives.

How To Retrieve Corpses And Survive In Murky Divers Monster
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The last tip I have for you is to dash from monsters at the right moment. Once a monster starts to chase you, it’s hard to get them off your tail. I had one nasty creature swim behind me and wait to lunge at me at the right moment.

I noticed that right before it would lunge and hurt me it would make a screeching sound. All monsters may not do this, but if you hear the monster make a noise you should dash by pressing the Space Bar on your keyboard. Speaking of your keyboard, you’ll want to change to the best keybindings if you want to succeed in Murky Divers.

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