May 31st, 2015

How to run 4K resolution with Nvidia DSR Technology

How to run 4K resolution with Nvidia DSR Technology

nvidia logo DSR

Want to squeeze more out of your Nvidia card and get close to 4K on a standard monitor?

With the release of the  344.48 WHQL drivers Nvidia added the ability to run DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) which effectively allows you to  render games at a higher more detailed resolution. But how does this work?

A very informative video from Shaneclipse97 explains how it can be set up to run on an Nvidia powered system. The video walks you through the process pointing out what needs to be changed in the Nvidia control panel to make this work. We tried it out last night with Alien: Isolation and there were some impressive results with a framerate that was actually acceptable on a GTX 760.

Watch the video below for some very useful tips on how to make the most of DSR.

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