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If your inventory is filling up and you’re not quite sure what to do about it, you’ve come to right place. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty absolutely drowns you in loot, but it’s easy to sell and dismantle items to clear up space as well as acquire currency and raw materials. While you can sell items from any flag, you can only dismantle them with the help of a single NPC, so you may want to hold off on selling everything until you’re able to make your way to them.

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Wo Long – Ways you can sell or dismantle items

If you’re just looking to sell items in Wo Long, rest at a flag and take a gander at the menu. You’ll see an option labeled ‘supplies,’ so select that and then choose to sell items. For dismantling, things are a bit different. Head to the blacksmith in the Hidden Village and you’ll also be able to sell items, but there’s also an option called ‘salvage’ which you can use to dismantle items and gain raw materials such as steel and leather. The menus for both are very similar, and you can sort your items by rarity, damage, or defense ratings. You can even select as many items as you want and sell or dismantle them as a group.

It’s often better to salvage items, as you probably won’t often be spending much money in Wo Long, but it’s up to you. It can take an awfully long time to sift through everything in your inventory, so you may want to do so at the end of every mission as opposed to waiting. And that’s all you need to know about how to sell and dismantle items in Wo Long.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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