How To Set Up Cross Save In The First Descendant
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How to set up cross-save in The First Descendant

Leaving nothing behind.

Earning and unlocking all the Descendants in The First Descendant can be a task, so why do it again on a new platform? The good news about the game is it offers cross-save. We’ll show you how to set up cross-save in The First Descendant.

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The First Descendant: How to set up cross-save

Enabling cross-save and even progression is worth your time because as mentioned, redoing everything can waste more time. To activate cross-save, you must link your NEXON account to whichever platform you’re playing The First Descendant on.

When you’re on the site, select the platform you want to link. You’ll be prompted to enter the credentials of that platform. For example, I’m playing the looter shooter on Steam. This means I’d need to log in via my Steam account to link to my NEXON account. From there, it becomes more straightforward.

The First Desecdant Characters Shooting At Enemies
Image: NEXON Games Co., Ltd

Now, when you go on a new platform, load up The First Descendant and sign into your NEXON account. Once that’s done, everything syncs up. So things like the gold you farmed in the game will be brought over. 

Is there also cross-play?

The short and simple answer is that yes there cross-play. Players on the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One can play with users running the game on PC. Being able to continue the story on a new platform and being able to play with others on different systems gives The First Descendant a lot of freedom. Plus, with the shooter being free to play, having no walls works and benefits from it.

The First Desecdant Characters Fighting A Boss
Image: NEXON Games Co., Ltd

If you’d like to play with other players on consoles or vice versa, you can simply go into the Social Tab from the home screen. Since cross-play is already enabled, this screen will show all the players either in the lobby or the ones you’ve played with. To see if they’re on a different platform, look for the PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam logo beside their names.

Additionally, the good about having both cross-play and cross-save automatically turned on is that characters like Ultimate Bunny come with you in The First Descendant.

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