Fortnite chapter 2 season 5 zero point finale

The Fortnite challenges for Season 5, Week 6 are relatively straight forward. You are required to complete tasks such as catching fish and earning headshots. Recently, a Fortnite challenge was leaked that is set to reunite you with some old friends. The cute, little, blob like creatures, the Coral Buddies, are set to make a return. The Coral Buddies already featured in a variety of secret challenges, requiring players to help at construction sites, collect spaceship parts, and more. As this challenge is not yet available, this guide will give you a head start for when it is made available this week.

The Fortnite Coral Buddies challenge will require you to signal them in some way. To complete this, you need to visit a building in Coral Castle. It is important to note that this area is likely to become more populated with enemies due to this challenge. Once you have arrived, you need to locate a building that contains six sea shells. The building is relatively easy to find as you will see the red sea shells on the window ledge. When you approach the shells, there will be a prompt on every one of them, allowing you to interact with each of the six shells.

If you have your volume turned up, you will realize that each shell makes a unique sound when you interact with them. It is thought that interacting with the shells from left to right should complete the challenge. However, the order may be different when the challenge officially goes live, so we will keep you updated.

Welcoming back the Fortnite Coral Buddies

In the past, the Coral Buddies challenges in Fortnite have been quite simple to complete with a high XP reward. There is no doubt that once this challenge officially launches, it will provide you with a considerable boost to your battle pass.

Fortnite Coral Buddies

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