How to play solo in Payday 3

Will Payday 3 support couch co-op?

Payday 3 is about teamwork and being able to communicate with one another. During my time with the closed beta in August, I found out that the game works well when everyone is a part of the plan. Things do go bad often, and you’ll need everyone to be on the same page for a backup plan. Plus, the more efficient the strategy, the faster you’ll do the heist. On the other hand, you can play the game solo which surprisingly doesn’t change the immersion or the tone of the game that much. You’ll still get the same experience but with a few changes to accommodate this way of playing. If you want to know how to play solo in Payday 3, consider reading this guide.

Payday 3: How to play solo

To play solo in the game, you have to create a private lobby. To make one, navigate to the multiplayer section of the menu. From here, you’ll be able to create a lobby either public or privateSelect Invite Only, and this will lock out everyone from joining your game other than people who’ve you allowed to join. AI teammates will auto-fill up the slots if no real player is occupying it. Next, you’ll be able to set the rules and how many AI enemies will be on the map. Afterward, you’ll load into the game with the parameters you’ve set. Also, regardless of which platform you’re playing Payday 3 on, you’ll be able to do this.

Benefits of playing solo

Even though Starbreeze emphasizes teamwork, solo gaming isn’t something to look over. You can experience all the heists your way and at your pace. It helped me understand the meta of Payday 3 since it plays differently than other first-person shooters. However, playing with AI has its issues. Sometimes, the character will do something you don’t want them to do which causes a chain reaction. But, looking at the glass half full it prepares you for the worst outcome. So when you hop back into playing with real players, you’ll be adaptable. 

Payday 3 is available for pre-order via Steam.

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