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How to solve every Document Tube puzzle in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes

Poor security, if you ask me.

The Document Tubes are one of the first recurring puzzles you’ll encounter and are exceptionally devious. Fear not; here’s how to solve every Document Tube puzzle in Lorelie and the Laser Eyes.

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Lorelei and the Laser Eyes: Document Tube Puzzle Guide

Let me quickly explain how these puzzles work for those who just want a nudge in the right direction. There are five Document Tubes scattered around the Hotel, each with a name and three-digit code.

You can’t open the Tubes without a crucial puzzle piece: the Architect’s Sketches. Fortunately, these are on a Drawing Board in the basement down a corridor by the toilets. 

Drawing Board
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Once you’ve interacted with the bench the first time, you can review the information whenever you please from your Photographic Memory under the Notes tab. Each Architect’s Sketch has a name in the right corner, which ties to the relevant Document Tube.

All Document Tube Solutions in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes

In Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, puzzles are randomized to a certain extent. The Document Tube puzzles seem to have similar solutions but may have different values and names on subsequent playthroughs. Still, here’s how to solve each one:

Estimated Project Cost

Puzzle 1
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This one is tricky because the image is misleading. The object does not look symmetrical from the angle shown, but the text says it is. With this in mind, there are thirteen cubes, and the answer is 13 x 20, which makes 260.

Any Hidden Costs?

Puzzle 2
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The Hidden Cost puzzle kept me scratching my head for hours, but I was overthinking it. The “Hidden” costs are literal, and the solution is written on the sketch. Flip the image so North is straight up on the compass, and the internal walls reveal a number. The answer is 714.

Least Expensive Option?

Puzzle 3
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You have to think outside the box, as the most obvious answer is incorrect. We only use the square from the bottom row and the second and fourth shapes from the top. These three combined cost 820, which will open the tube. Your values may be different, but the solution should be the same.

Recalculate the Area

Puzzle 4

This one is simple. Flip the image 180 degrees, and the sum changes from 81 X 9 to 18 X 6. If your numbers are the same as mine, the answer is 108.

Remember to Report Cost to Client 

Puzzle 5
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The final puzzle is far less complicated than it looks. You must pick matching sides to resemble the complete image at the top. Pay close attention to the number of windows. The outer pillar can also be slightly different, so watch out for that. There should be ten windows on each side. Once you’ve added the two numbers, you can open the tube.

For my puzzle above, the answer is 195 from the top + 500 from the bottom, so 695.

These riddles are tough but worth it, as they unlock maps you can use to navigate the entire hotel. You can open these through the Photographic Memory menu under the Maps tab.

The Document Tubes are tough to figure out, but the Safe combinations are arguably worse. Fortunately, everything you need to solve them is in the same room, although it may not seem that way. 

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