How to solve the four swords puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake

How To Solve Four Swords Puzzle Resident Evil 4 Remake
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There are many intricate puzzles you come across during your time in Resident Evil 4 remake. In the castle section of this action horror game, Leon and Ashley find themselves stuck in a room. To continue the way through, you must figure out how to get out using four pieces of artwork on the wall. This artwork depicts a short narrative of a knight and his sword, with indents in each to place a sword in. But what do you do with these swords? Here is how to solve the four swords puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake.

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The four swords puzzle solution in Resident Evil 4 remake

Before you even attempt to mess with the swords at hand, there is one that’s behind an iron gate. To access the Bloodied Sword, look at the three animal etchings on the gate. These three animals are also on the gongs that hang on the walls around you. Shoot at the three that match the same animals on the gate, and it will open for you.

How To Solve Four Swords Puzzle Resident Evil 4 Remake Gongs

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Now you can grab that Bloodied Sword and finish the four swords puzzle. Also, grab the three other swords that are in the pieces of artwork, so you can place each one in its desired spot. You’ll find a Golden Sword, a Rusted Sword, and an Iron Sword. These are the proper placements of the four swords, from left to right:

  • Iron Sword – the King has yet to officiate the Knight.
  • Golden Sword – the King grants the Knight a better sword.
  • Bloodied Sword – the Knight bloodied his sword after battle.
  • Rusted Sword – the sword has become rusty after weathering on the grave site.

Once you place the swords in their respective indents, the small iron gate blocking your path will rise. Although Resident Evil 4 remake’s four swords puzzle can be tricky to decipher, now you understand how to solve it.

Resident Evil 4 remake is available via Steam.

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