Hogwarts Legacy Great Hall Door Puzzle Guide
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Hogwarts Legacy has several Animal Symbol Door Puzzles. One of these happens to be in the Great Hall, the very area where students gather at the start of the Sorting Ceremony and whenever momentous events transpire. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy Great Hall Door Puzzle guide to help you solve this particular brain teaser.

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Hogwarts Legacy Great Hall Door Puzzle guide

To solve the Great Hall Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll want to make your way to the area via the Floo Flames fast travel point (Great Hall tab). When you’re facing the rows of banquet tables, look to your left. There’s a short hallway here, with a puzzle carved on the far wall.

To solve it, you’ll want to remember these clues:

  • Similar to other puzzles of this type, each animal symbol corresponds to a number from zero to nine, going from the bottom-left of the arch to the bottom-right.
  • Interact with the puzzle by pressing the “F” key to see the equation. There are two sets that require unknown symbols (i.e., “?” for the top equation and “??” for the bottom equation).
  • You’ll notice a number in the center of each equation. This represents the sum of the numbers and/or symbols around it.

Given the above, we can solve the Great Hall Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy by doing the following:

  • Top equation (“?”) requires the Spider (8) -> Killer Bacteria (9) + 7 + Spider (8) = 24. The plate is to your left.
  • Bottom equation (“??”) requires the Hydra (3) -> Sloth (0) + 11 + Hydra (3) = 14. The plate is to your right.

For your efforts, you’ll receive an item for your Collections tab and a rare-quality gear piece. Don’t forget to check out all the other Hogwarts Legacy Animal Symbol Door Puzzles to obtain nifty rewards.

Hogwarts Legacy Great Hall Door Puzzle Guide 3

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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