How to solve the Ballerina Puzzle in Atomic Heart

Solve Ballerina Puzzle Atomic Heart

There are a lot of puzzles in Atomic Heart that players have to figure out. Some are generic lock puzzles while others are unique to specific areas. One of these unique puzzles that you’ll encounter as part of the Atomic Heart main story is the Ballerina Puzzle, and here is how to solve it.

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Atomic Heart: Solving the Ballerina Puzzle

The ballerinas in the Theatre are unique as they are set to Debug mode, letting you change their stance. This isn’t just a fun side activity though, as manipulating their stance is required to unlock the Theatre’s final hurdle before you confront Petrov.

There are four ballerinas in total, and to unlock the door and get to Petrov you need to position them in the correct stance. This can be done by interacting with the button on each of their platforms and then selecting one of the four available options. To solve the Ballerina Puzzle in Atomic Heart you need to select the option that manipulates their shadow in the background to look as though the ballerinas are dealing a killing blow.

Solve Ballerina Puzzle Debug Mode Command Atomic Heart

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The correct stances for each of the ballerinas as you progress down the corridor toward the locked door are as follows:

  • Croisée in the fifth position, arms in the third position.
  • Relevé in the fifth position. Effacé. Arms upright and loose in an allongé.
  • Attitude.
  • A la seconde, arms free.

Once you’ve entered all four commands correctly and finished the Ballerina Puzzle in Atomic Heart, the doors will open. This will complete the ‘Art is Sacrifice’ objective and trigger the final ‘Petrov of Opera’ objective. Head through the doors to confront Petrov, but be prepared for a fierce fight.

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