How to solve the final Tsutu-um Shrine puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom

How To Solve The Final Tsutu Um Shrine Puzzle In Tears Of The Kingdom

The Tsutu-um Shrine puzzle from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a bit strange among the lineup. The puzzle has a lot less to it than expected, yet it looks complicated. And it’s an important Shrine, given its proximity to a stable. If it tripped you up, here’s how to solve the final Tsutu-um Shrine puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tsutu-um Puzzle Guide: Sometimes you do it yourself

The Tsutu-um Shrine is located next to the Outskirt Stable on a cliff, near the Coliseum ruins on the map.

When you enter, there’s a lot going on with this puzzle to look at, so let’s break it down piece by piece. Ignore the far part of the room for now.

The first mini puzzle before the big one is simple if you understand the mechanics. This puzzle utilizes Zonai Stakes as its main mechanic, which can sink into a wall they’re attached to as much as you want them to like their own mini form of the Ascend ability.


All you have to do here is grab the stake and platform attached to each other and sink it into the side of this moving pillar low enough for you to jump onto. Then you can hop on and use the fan on the next platform to glide to the Shrine chest for five arrows.

Tsutu Um Shrine Chest

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The Tsutu-um Shrine Puzzle Solution

Now for the real thinker puzzle.

Tsutu Um Shrine Second Puzzle Layout

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The key to this puzzle is the solution is a lot less elegant than it looks, but it works. Here’s the breakdown of what to do:

  • Use the fan to glide over to the lower platform in front of the turning slate.
  • Move one of the wall stakes over to stop it from moving.
  • Place another stake below where you want to have the slab stop, and remove the first one. Tilt the slate so it makes a bridge towards the middle rail of the puzzle.
  • Use the fan again to place yourself onto the slate, then catch the ball as it drops. Place it in the middle of the railing.
  • Glide to the lower platform, then return to the fan and glide onto the higher platform above the lower. Now glide onto the roof of the other side with the pit the ball sinks into, and drop down below. Grab the ball from the middle and put it in the pit.
  • Ascend through the roof and glide across to the exit door.
How to solve the final Tsutu-um Shrine puzzle Solution 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

That will complete the puzzle for you without overcomplicating its mechanics. It was easier than it looked!
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