How to solve the Junction Box puzzle Starfield

How to solve the Junction Box puzzle Starfield

On, off, on, on, off?

Starfield has millions of little side quests to distract you from the real task of saving the universe. As you make your way around the many worlds that exist, people will proposition you with tasks left, right, and center. For someone like me, this is dreadful; I find it hard enough to focus on anything at the best of times. However, I got myself stuck into helping with an electrical conundrum in The Well and ended up facing a junction box puzzle in Starfield.

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How to solve the Junction Box puzzle Starfield

How to solve the Junction Box puzzle Starfield

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This puzzle could have you scratching your head for a little while. When you come up against this nightmare of electrical wiring, you need to turn all the lights green. However, turning one switch on will switch other lights off. There is a specific combination to the junction box puzzle that will turn all the lights on in Starcraft.

If you haven’t touched any of the switches yet, the combination is simple. We will call the junction box on the left, number one, and the far right, number four, you need to press 1,2,3, and there you have it. If you have meddled with them already, then you need to reset them back to all off, which can be done quite easily. Once they are all off, use the simple combo of 1,2,3.

Complete the Junction Box mission

Once you have made your way through the puzzle in Starfield, you should make your way back to Louisa before she sends you on the final stages of the mission. You will be posed with a choice at the end, determining your rewards and possible new alliances.

The choice really comes down to who you want to be in the favor of as the game continues. One is the boss of a top-level trading conglomerate, and the other is a mechanic. Is wealth or mechanical intellect more important in Starfield?

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