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How to solve the Mining Cave puzzles in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

This ain't Minecraft.

Exploring brand new destinations in Tears of the Kingdom is just as delightful as it was in Breath of the Wild. But there’s one thing that the sequel has that the first game didn’t. Link can now find Discoveries, which are small locations that present useful items and treasures to find. One of these locations is the Mining Cave, which is available pretty early on in the game. There are a few puzzles and items to discover in this Mining Cave, so we’ll teach you how to solve them in this The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guide.

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Tears of the Kingdom Mining Cave puzzles and valuables

Once you lose Zelda and awake on the Great Sky Island for the first time, you’ll inevitably feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry, we’ll help you find this useful Discovery that you shouldn’t miss. To the very south of the island, you’ll find an entrance to a cave. Don’t just run straight there though, you’ll need to have completed at least the first two Shrines.

Solve the Ukouh Shrine, and you’ll learn how to use the Ultrahand ability. Then, head to the Shrine on the west side of the island. This Shrine is called In-isa, and it gives you the Fuse ability. Now with these two abilities on hand, you can make your way to the Mining Cave on the map below.

Upon arriving at the entrance to the Mining Cave, you’ll notice that it’s pitch black inside. You’ll need a light source, and the game gives you the right tools. First, use Ultrahand to take one of the minecarts and place it on the track. Then, use the same ability to attach a Fan to the back of it. Get inside the minecart, and hit the Fan to activate it. For a short while, this fan will blow air and push your minecart, while also being a small source of light.

How to create light in the Mining Cave

At some point, you’ll reach a roadblock that you can climb over. We also recommend that on your way through this cave, you pick up any Brightbloom Seeds that you find. You’ll meet a Mining Construct on the other side of this roadblock who teaches you about these seeds. They explain that with enough stimulus, these seeds can glow. A great way to use them is with your new Fuse ability.

How To Solve The Mining Cave Puzzle Tears Of The Kingdom Brightbloom Seeds

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Either attack a Brightbloom Seed to an arrow and shoot it, or throw the seed itself. To throw it, hold the ‘R’ button as if you’re about to throw your weapon. Then, also hold the ‘up arrow’ on the d-pad. This will let you switch to throwing an item. If you throw either sizes of the seed, it will plant itself and create light.

What to do with Zonaite in the Mining Cave

Now that you have some light, you can explore more of this cave. If you have the right weapon, we recommend that you break those shiny rocks for some Zonaite, as it’ll come in handy soon. Eventually, you’ll come upon a forging room with some Constructs. The Forging Construct will explain how they process Zonaite, and showcase the Crystalized Charges and Zonai Charges they’re selling. If you have some Zonaite, make sure to buy some of these. They come in handy when you need energy for your creations.

Minecart Fan Creation

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Now talk to the Mining Construct for some free Zonai Capsules. These are pocketable items to use in your creations. The Construct will give you three Fans, which will be useful in a moment. Finally, you’ll need to make one more creation to get out of here. Attach one of the Fans to the minecart, and place it on the track. You know what to do here, just hit it and you’ll be off. Now that you’ve figured out how to solve the Mining Cave puzzles in Tears of the Kingdom, I think you’re ready for anything!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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