How to solve the Tomb of Treachery puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Tomb Of Treachery Map

It isn’t Wizarding World content without finding hidden treasure, but if the first couple instances of treasure hunting in this game weren’t satisfying enough, it has you covered. There’s a sidequest allowing you to find and solve hidden treasure puzzles without any NPCs telling you how or why or giving hints. Enter the Tomb of Treachery sidequest, giving you only a map with no other directions. Despite limited information, it’s still a perfectly solvable treasure hunt. Here’s how to solve the Tomb of Treachery puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Starting the puzzle

To see it all the way through, you’ll need to be past ‘The Helm of Ukrot’, at least level 24, and have the third level of Alohomora obtained from the demiguise statues. The starting quest is ‘Cursed Tomb Treasure,’ found at the crumbling manor near the West Manor Cape Floo.

How To Solve The Tomb Of Treachery Puzzle Hogwarts Legacy

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Go inside the manor and down the stairs, and unlock the level three door you find. You’ll go through a hall and down the stairs to a room in which you’ll fight Inferi. There’s a chest and a coin bag in this room, as well as another chest in the uppermost right corner.

The next room has a lot more Inferi, even a couple of bosses called Lord of the Manor and a Dark Wizard named Alis Travers. Fortunately, the room also has a lot of explosive barrels to hurl at enemies.

The next room has a locked chest for Alohomora and then a note to pick up. You’ll receive a map with three cryptic drawings.

Once you’re done looking at it, use Confringo or Incendio on the altar in front of you. It’ll turn around. Enter, and you’ll step out on the outskirts of the manor.

How To Solve The Tomb Of Treachery Puzzle Hogwarts Legacy Altar

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The actual Tomb of Treachery is elsewhere on the map, underneath the waterfall at North Poidsear Coast by these Merlin Trial stones. Fly underneath the waterfall to enter the cavern.

Inside the Tomb of Treachery

The first room has three different paths to choose from. The east path has shrivelfig and coin bags. The west has a note and a chest. Continue along the north path, but stop along the way for a small room with coin purses. It branches off again shortly after for a couple of chests, but you’ll then come to a room with an open tomb, a note, and a left and right path.

Tomb Of Treachery Left Room

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Burn the spiderwebs in the way and proceed down the left path. A couple of spiders will attack you. Once dealt with, you’ll find yourself in a room with Ditty and another moth door like in the ‘Helm of Ukrot’ quest.

After burning a spiderweb, you’ll come to a room with a steep ledge. There’s a note to read in here as well as more spiderwebs; burn them to get access to a box, then Accio it over to the ledge and Levioso it to get up. There’s a handle to Accio up there, and doing so solves the first part of the puzzle. Lumos the moth you find and bring it to the door.

How To Solve The Tomb Of Treachery Puzzle Hogwarts Legacy Left Room

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On the right path, there are two moths in the same room. Put them in the door and go on, but be ready. The next room has several Inferi ready to attack. Use the explosive barrels to your advantage.

Tomb Of Treachery Floor Puzzle

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Solving the Tomb of Treachery puzzle

With the Inferi disposed of, the room has the stone steps from the map in the middle, as well as a chest up on the left ledge. This is where the Flipendo symbol in the middle’s purpose becomes apparent- you have to Flipendo the specific rocks outlined with an arrow. Doing so will show they all have an arrow on the other side- right-click targeting is recommended to get precisely the step you want flipped over. Start on the southwest side, so the arrows are facing right. Done correctly, the bottom left and right, and top middle should be flipped over. A chest appears.

Tomb Of Treachery Treasure

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Open it to get the Treasure-seeker’s attire, and the quest will complete itself. And there you have it; you now know how to solve the Tomb of Treachery puzzle!

Tomb Of Treachery Treasure Seeker Attire

The attire in question. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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