How to get Vexcalibur in Destiny 2

Vexcalibur is the latest Exotic weapon to come from the Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion. The weapon can only be acquired by jumping through some very mysterious hoops. Once found, it reveals itself as a weapon of many talents. Each week, new challenges are available to improve the weapon further. To solve the Vexcalibur Mystery in Destiny 2 you will need to have it equipped with Expert Authorization Override.

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Steps to solve the Vexcalibur Mystery

How to solve the Vexcalibur Mystery in Destiny 2 1

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When you equip Vexcalbur with Expert Authorization Override, you can access certain nodes and pass through barriers in the //NODE.OVRD.AVALON// mission. The Expert Authorization Override mod can be acquired by rapidly defeating Vex with Vexcalibur. I recommend the Thrilladome or a Vex Incursion Zone.


This will be the first secret you can grab for this Exotic Glave. As you drop down into the first section of the Vex hideout, make your way through and enter the sliding doors on the floor. Turn around and look up at the wall you just came through. You will spot a glowing green button — jump up and activate it.

How to solve the Vexcalibur Mystery in Destiny 2 2

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Once you’ve hit the button, make your way through the maze and take the first right you come across. As you round the corner you will spot a barrier above. Jump up to it, use Vexcalibur’s shield, and pass through. And that’s how you solve the first Vexcalibur mystery.

Data Retrieval: Aberrant Subject Vexcalibur mystery

This will be the second mystery you come across as you make your way through the maze. After you grab the first chest, you will drop down into the well of Vex Milk (ewww). As you fall, slow your descent once you get about halfway down. The wall you are facing has another button. Make sure you stop on the ledge and hit it.

How to solve the Vexcalibur Mystery in Destiny 2 3

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Once you’re in the circular room at the bottom, look up to your right. Again, you will notice a green button, get up there and activate it. Lastly, look across to see a trapped Vex. You can pass through his shield, dispatch him, and solve the next Vexcalibur Mystery in Destiny 2.

Data Retrieval: Disposal Chest mystery

Thirdly, we have a chest hidden behind another one of the code pillars that you will be so familiar with by this point. Once you have completed the first two sets, and before you make your way up through the maze, look for another pillar.

d2 vm 4

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Of course, you need to find the code. Look to the right of the pillar and you will spot a pyramid with steps leading up the side. Carefully make your way up, jump to the right, and make your way behind it. You will find the code.

This code needs to be entered with Vexcalibur so you’ll either have to use comms to pass it on, or make your way back down.

Data Retrieval: Cannonball Vexcalibur mystery

Finally, to solve the last current Vecalibur Mystery in Destiny 2, you need to defeat the first boss and head through. Once you get to the part of the map that fires you across a gap, look to your left. Up the wall are glowing shapes that you can shoot with Vexcalibur. The first is as you land, the second is slightly further down, and the third is just as you make your way across the disappearing ledges.

d2 vm 5

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Data Retrieval: Hard Data Deposit

For this one, you’re going to have to get past the first set of towers and head into the small stream of Vex Milk. Kill the enemy at the end, and take a right out of the exit rather than the left you would usually take. Use the small ledges along the wall to work your way around to a red orb which you need to pick up and make your way back with. Head back in the direction you would usually progress and be careful not to fall on the disappearing platforms. Once at the bottom, put the glowing ball into the ball holder and enjoy your next Vexcalibur mystery.

Vexcalibur Mystery

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Data Retrieval: Quarantine Subject

Just before you get fired across the chasm by the boost pad, turn around and press the glowing button. This will open up the gate that contains two vex positioned just before the tricksy walkway with barriers that push you off. Go back through these, turn to your left, and jump through the gate. This will solve the penultimate Vexcalibur mystery in Destiny 2.

Vexcalibur Mystery

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Data Retrieval: Accurate Prediction

This final chest comes after beating the last boss on //NODE.OVRD.AVALON//. Before you go and get your hands on the loot chest you need to head to each of the towers of light around the map and make your way beneath them. This can be done by jumping behind them and making your way down, it may take a few tries. Use your shield on Vexcalibur to get through the walls and destroy a shape within each. Once this has been done you will see a portal open up across from the loot box, head through and claim your final prize.

Vexcalibur Mystery

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There will be more challenges as the weeks go on. Vexcaliber is an ever-changing weapon and it will develop with the season. Keep an eye out here for updates, and don’t forget to check out our guides and features hub for all Destiny 2: Lightfalls secrets and mysteries.

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