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How to start Ness003 quest in Destiny 2

Guardians will have to wait before starting this quest

Destiny 2’s first part of Episode 1 Echoes has fully released and Guardians can go through the first few missions. Once you’ve finished The Final Shape campaign and the main story of Echoes, there’s even more to do. So let’s investigate and figure out how to start Ness003 in Destiny 2 Episode Echoes.

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When does Ness003 unlock in Destiny 2 Episode Echoes?

How To Start Ness003 Quest In Destiny 2 Helm
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The Ness003 is part of the Ness questline that has been going on for a few weeks since Episode 1 was released. The first two quests, Ness001 and Ness002 unlocked after completing the first two weeks of episodic quests. Naturally, people assumed the third quest would unlock after the story mission in week three.

However, according to players on Reddit, they did not receive any quest after completing the last story mission of Episode 1 Part 1. I was a bit confused that I didn’t get a new quest after completing the story and the previous Ness00 missions. There are also some sweet Episode Echoes god rolls you can get on your way to completing these quests.

We can surmise that since there is a 20-day gap between the end of Part 1 and Part 2, the Ness003 quest will unlock before the start of Episode 1 Part 2. Players should expect to see this quest pop up in the HELM around the first or second week of July. Until then, you should try and grab those Radiolite and Organic Specimens if you haven’t already.

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