Blazemut Palworld
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How to summon and fight Blazamut Ryu in Palworld

Time to topple a titan.

Blazamut Ryu is an incredibly strong raid boss in Palworld. So strong is he that you may need to grab some of your friends along for the ride.

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How to summon Blazamut Ryu in Palworld

If you’re going to fight Blazamut Ryu in Palworld, you’ll need to summon the mighty beast. This is done through the Summoning Altar, a building used exclusively to start Raid Boss fights.

Palworld Summoning Altar
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Tip: I’d suggest you build a new base somewhere else so you won’t damage your main base during the fight.

With the Summoning Altar, all you’ll need now is the Blazamut Ryu Slab. To make one, you’ll need four Blazamut Ryu Slab Fragments.

With the Blazamut Ryu Slab, you can insert it into the Summoning Altar to begin the fight. Make sure you’re ready!

How to get Blazamut Ryu Slab Fragments in Palworld

Blazamut Ryu Slab Fragments are needed to start the fight, but they can only be found as rewards in caves on Sakurajima Island.

These caves are difficult, so you’ll need powerful Pals and equipment to enter them and get to the end where you’ll be able to loot the chests. Considering you need four fragments, you will have to go through a few caves until you have all the fragments to make the slab.

You’ll be able to build the Blazamut Ryu Slab on the Production Assembly Line II. The recipe will appear when you get your first slab fragment.

Tips for fighting Blazamut Ryu is Palworld

With the Blazamut Ryu Slab and the Summoning Altar ready, all you have to do now is fight Blazamut within 10 minutes.

He is a colossal Fire and Dragon-type Pal that spawns in at level 55 with over 500,000 health points.

Blazemut Ryu Palworld
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For the best results, you’ll want to have your main base be at max level so your new base can house as many Pals as possible. Bring out all of your strongest water-type Pals, such as Jormuntide, Suzaku Aqua, and Azurobe.

They’ll all want to be at least level 50 when facing off against Blazamut Ryu.

However, you’ll also want some strong ground-type Pals, as when it is almost defeated, it will regain around 30% of its health and become an electric-type. You’ll need to swiftly exchange your water-types for ground-types to keep pressing your advantage.

Although this may seem like a setback and a trick, it’s honestly not that bad. Being able to sub in new and refreshed Pals that are still strong against the boss at 30% health should be easy considering you’ve burned through 100% of his health once before. This does add to the time pressure, however.

Now that you know everything you need to start and finish the Blazamut Ryu raid boss fight in Palworld, you better make sure you’re prepared. Knowing how to get all the new weapons and armor would be a good place to start,

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