How To Unlock All Void Intercept Bosses In The First Descendant
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How to unlock all Void Intercept bosses in The First Descendant

Whoa, that's a lot of bosses!

There are many bosses like the Devourer to face in The First Descendent. These are called Void Intercepts, and they are a task to face. You best read this guide to learn how to unlock all Void Intercept bosses in The First Descendant.

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The First Descendant: All Void Intercept bosses and how to unlock them

These bosses can be tied to the main campaign of the game, however, some are found in the end-game of The First Descendant. Depending on which Descendant you unlock and use, it could be a challenge. I did struggle quite a bit with the first Void Intercept, so I highly suggest you use powerful characters like Ajax — on top of playing with others.

In the First Descendant, there are two levels of Void Intercept bosses you can fight: Normal and Hard. The normal level is more associated with the story as mentioned. You talk to Seneca in the main HUB at certain levels (which we’ll go over below) to trigger these boss battles. To play the hard level, complete the campaign. These bosses are considered end-game enemies and require proper builds to go up against. 

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First, let’s go over which quest and what level you’ll unlock the normal bosses.

Normal-tier Void Intercept bosses

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As mentioned, these guys are connected to the story and can only be done while attempting certain quests. Note, that the prerequisite for most of these battles is the level your Descendant is at. 

  • Grave Walker: This boss activates at level 10 when you complete the Humanity’s Scourge questline.
  • Stunning Beauty: Unlocks at level 22 and can be done by completing the Mysterious Attraction quest. 
  • Executioner: Unlocks at level 34  after doing the Void Radar Upgrade quest.
  • Dead Bride: Opens up when you reach level 44 and complete the Consequences of Jeremy’s Actions quest.
  • Devourer: To beat this deadly boss, level up to 54 and do the Continuing Threat quest
  • Pyromaniac: This boss should trigger when you reach level 66 and do the Karel’s Trap quest.
  • Swamp Walker: When you reach level 82 and do Turning Crisis Into Opportunity, this boss becomes available.
  • Hanged Man: The final normal Void Intercept triggers upon reaching level 95 and doing the A Certain Prologue quest.

Hard-tier Void Intercept bosses

These battles become available once you beat the main story. Plus, ensure you’ve done the Colossi from Another Dimension quest. By doing it, you open up the harder bosses. Most of these Void Intercepts are harder versions of the bosses you’ve faced. But don’t worry, there are unique ones in this tier that keep things interesting. 

  • Executioner: Level 102
  • Dead Bride: Level 106
  • Devourer: Level 110
  • Pyromaniac: Level 114
  • Swamp Walker: Level 118
  • Obstructor: Level 122
  • Frost Walker: Level 126
  • Molten Fortress: Level 130

It’s also worth noting that the level beside each of the bosses are their levels. Unlike the normal mode, you don’t need to be at a certain level to activate. That said, I highly suggest you use a character like Freyna in The First Descendant. She’s a heavy hitter and is much more deadly than Bunny. 

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