How to unlock and farm Hunter Exotic Class Item Essentialism in Destiny 2
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How to unlock and farm Hunter Exotic Class Item Essentialism in Destiny 2

One cloak to rule them all.

Exotic Class items are a fantastic new addition as long as you don’t mind jumping through a few hoops to get them. Here’s how to unlock the Hunter Exotic Class Item Essentialism and farm it in Destiny 2.

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How to get the Essentialism Hunter Exotic Class item in Destiny 2

Every Exotic Class item is locked behind a multi-step questline in the Pale Heart. You’ll always unlock a Class item for the character you’re using, so you’ll earn the Exotic cloak if you’re a Hunter.

The prerequisite steps for the quest are hidden, so here’s what you need to do step by step.

First, you must complete an Overthrow at the Impasse, Landing, and Blooming. After beating each boss, you must track down a secret encounter in the area before the enemies return. I’ve had problems with this part of the task, as the secret encounters don’t always appear.

This secret questline isn’t the only thing in the Final Shape that’s bugged. Make sure your Memory Vestiges are working as intended.

Fortunately, these encounters always appear in the same places. Head to the following locations after overthrowing the area, and I hope you have more luck than me:

Impasse Location

How to unlock and farm Hunter Exotic Class Item Essentialism in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The secret encounter spawns in the southwest corner of the Impasse, where the Taken Bubble event can spawn. Keep an eye out for a Lost Sector logo, as it’s right next to where the enemies appear.

Landing Location

How to unlock and farm Hunter Exotic Class Item Essentialism in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can find the Landing encounter in the cave system by the bridge at the back of the area. The Landing is an easy area to cover, so you should be able to find this one without much trouble.

Blooming Location

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The Blooming location is just beyond the cave directly beneath the Landing Zone. Walk through the purple cave, and the enemies will appear behind it.

Once you’ve defeated all three secret encounters, fast-travel to The Blooming if you aren’t there already, and you’ll see a bright green beam in the sky. Head toward it, and you’ll find a room full of blue crystals.

After a brief passage of dialogue, you’ll be given a seven-minute time limit and the Savathun’s Envoy buff. You’ll have two new markers on your HUD, which mark the location of two groups of enemies. Each group contains a Subjugator who will drop an Orb when you defeat them. Bring each orb back to the room where you got the Savathun’s Envoy buff and put them on the plates.

If you’ve done everything correctly, you can enter the Exotic Quest, Dual Destiny, a two-player activity. If you’re tough enough to beat the quest, you’ll earn the Exotic Class item, which can be repeated to farm different rolls.

I’ve not seen this myself, but I’ve read multiple reports that the Exotic Class item can appear in chests after the initial Dual Destiny clear.

Is the Hunter Essentialism Cloak good in Destiny 2?

The Essentialism Cloak can roll with incredible perks like Spirit of the Assassin, which grants invisibility on Finishers or Powered Melee final blows. You can also get Spirit of the Gyrfalcon, which grants volatile rounds after emerging from invisibility.

There are many synergistic pairings with the Essentialism, although getting them will take a lot of time and luck. Keep in mind that these perks are weaker versions of Exotic perks from other items, so the Cloak may not always be the “best in slot” choice for your build.

Speaking of best in slot, many players are taking The Call sidearm for a spin, as it’s lethal with the right perks. Make sure you grab one if you haven’t done so already.

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