How to unlock and farm Titan Exotic Class Item Stoicism in Destiny 2
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How to unlock and farm Titan Exotic Class Item Stoicism in Destiny 2

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Exotic Class Items are exceptional pieces of gear as they offer multiple powerful perks. In short, you want them. Here’s how to farm and unlock the Titan Exotic Class Item Stoicism in Destiny 2.

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How to get the Stoicism Titan Exotic Class Item in Destiny 2

All Exotic Class Items are locked behind a hidden questline in the Pale Heart. The item you get is tied to the class you’re playing, so if you want the Titan’s Stoicism, you must be playing as a Titan.

The first part of this quest is to complete an Overthrow at The Landing, Impasse, and Blooming. Once you’ve beaten an Overthrow at each location and the dialogue expires, a mini-boss should spawn somewhere in the area.

I use the term lightly because my Fireteam has had horrendous luck with these spawns. I’ve had multiple scenarios where they’ve not appeared, and I don’t have any way to fix them. Fortunately, the bosses spawn in the same places each time, so let me show you the locations:

The Landing

Check the cave system on the corner by the bridge. Keep a close eye on your motion sensor, as the mini-boss and its reinforcements should be the only enemies on the map at this time.

The Blooming

This location is just behind the cave directly beneath the Landing Zone. Walk through the cave, and the enemies should spawn in the clearing beyond it.

The Impasse

The boss encounter is a little tough to find as it’s tucked into the area where the Taken Bubble event can spawn. It’s by the Lost Sector symbol in the southwest corner of the map.

Once you’ve beaten each boss, return to the Blooming, and you’ll notice a green beam of light pointing into the sky. Head to the room beneath it, and you’ll receive a buff called Savathun’s Envoy. You’ll need to activate two plates in this room, and you can do this by placing either a light or dark ball on each one.

The ball locations are marked on your HUD, and you can get them by defeating the Subjigators in each group of enemies. Once you’ve retrieved the balls, you can start the “Dual Destiny” mission, which is strictly a two-player activity. I won’t show the steps for the mission in this guide, but Dual Destiny is repeatable, and every time you do it, you earn an Exotic Class item with a unique perk roll.

While I’ve not seen this myself, Guardians have reported there’s a small chance the Exotic Class item will appear as a rare drop from chests once you’ve completed Dual Destiny for the first time.

Are Exotic Class items worth using in Destiny 2?

Exotic Class items roll with a pair of perks that emulate Exotic effects from pieces of existing gear. For example, the Spirit of the Synothoceps does the following:

  • Grants improved melee damage when you’re surrounded.

The eagle-eyed among you may notice that this is similar to the Exotic perk of the Synthoceps, but it’s missing something. The original Synthoceps grant the same melee damage buff but also give improved Super damage, weapon handling, and reload speed.

The Exotic Class Items bestow potent bonuses but are watered-down versions of original Armor effects. With this in mind, the regular Exotic equipment is still viable, and the Class Items aren’t as overpowered as they sound on paper.

Make no mistake, a pair of Exotic-like perks may become the best-in-slot combination for many builds but don’t expect to see every Guardian running them.

The Pale Heart is full of mysteries, but few are as cryptic or buggy as the Memory Visages. Make sure you swat up on these items, as they are prone to glitches.

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