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How to unlock and use the Egg Incubator in Palworld

I wonder who keeps abandoning these poor eggs...

In Palworld, you will likely find Pal Eggs around before you notice there’s an Egg Incubator to hatch them in. Hatching Pals is a great way to discover and own Pals that you otherwise would have taken a while to find.

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How to unlock the Egg Incubator in Palworld

The Egg Incubator has to be unlocked in Palworld. It’s in the Technology menu, but off to the side in the Ancient Technology strip. You’ll be able to unlock it at level seven, but you’ll probably have to advance a few levels before you can actually unlock it. This is because it costs one Ancient Technology Point, which can be gained by defeating Roaming bosses or taking on a Rayne Syndicate Tower. The normal bosses will only give you one point, and only the first time you defeat them.

Once you’ve acquired your Ancient Technology Point, you’re ready to unlock the Egg Incubator and then build it.


How to use the Egg Incubator in Palworld

Once unlocked, the Egg Incubator costs 10 Paldium, five Cloth, 30 Stone, and two Ancient Civilization Parts. To get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld, you’ll need to clear Dungeons or take down Lucky Pals, which are very rare. Completing the closest low-level dungeon is the easiest option.

The Incubator doesn’t take up a lot of space, so put it wherever you deem most attractive.

With the Egg Incubator constructed, all you need to do now is put an egg in it. It will accept all sorts of eggs, and once you’ve put one in, the incubator will tell you two things: how long it’s got left to hatch, and if the egg is comfortable. Big eggs will take longer to incubate than their counterparts, but will typically hatch more exciting and powerful Pals.

Egg Incubator In Palworld
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Getting the egg comfortable by raising or lowering the temperature can reduce the incubation time. If an egg is uncomfortable, it’ll take longer to hatch.

Getting the right temperature in Palworld

Two things factor into the Egg Incubator’s temperature in Palworld. The temperature of the environment, and the effects of either the Cooler or the Heater, placed by you. If you need to reduce the temperature for a more comfortable egg, then you can place a Cooler. A Heater can be placed to raise the temperature.

The Heater is unlocked at level 17, and costs two points. Once unlocked, you can build it for 20 Ingots, 10 Charcoal, and five Flame Organs. Note that once you’ve placed it, you’ll need a Pal with the Kindling skill to keep it hot, otherwise it won’t do anything. Kindling Pals won’t assign themselves to this station unless you place them there, or unless an egg is incubating and it needs warmth.

Pal Cooling In Palworld
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The Cooler is unlocked at level 18 and costs two points. You’ll need 20 Ingots, 20 Stone, and five Ice Organs to build it. Like the Heater, you’ll need a Pal with Cooling to keep it cold.

Place both of these around the Incubator and assign a Pal when you need the temperature modified.

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How to get Eggs in Palworld

There are a couple of ways to get eggs in Palworld.

Finding Eggs in Palworld

For the most part, you’ll find plenty of eggs in your travels. Either nestled between rocks or under trees. You may also find them on a coast or up high on a cliff. Where you find the egg will determine what type of egg it is, and therefore the element of Pal inside it.

Dark Egg In Palworld
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You can also find large eggs in the wild, that will hatch more powerful Pals.

Simply pick these eggs up and put them in the Incubator when you get home. These eggs will spawn randomly around the world, so don’t worry about running out of eggs to find!

Breeding for Eggs in Palworld

You can also breed your own Pals to get eggs. The Breeding Farm unlocks at level 19 and costs two points. To build it, you’ll need 100 wood, 20 stone, and 50 fiber. It may not be a huge resource cost, but it is a huge space cost, as you’ll need a large portion of flat ground to place it.

Pal Breeding Farm In Palworld
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This process isn’t super straightforward, however. A male and female must be assigned, and you’ll need Cake.

To get things going, you’ll need to find any two Pals, one male and one female, and assign them to the Breeding Farm by throwing them in there. As soon as you have, the breeding will begin, with or without Cake. As soon as it finishes, you’ll have to put some Cake into the Breeding Farm through the Box at the front for them to start producing Cake.

Cake can be made with the Cooking Pot, which can be unlocked at level 17. You’ll need five Flour, eight Red Berries, seven Milk, eight Eggs, and two Honey.

You’ll need a Wheat Plantation and a Mill to turn Wheat into Flour. Honey, Milk, and Eggs can be farmed from Pals using a ranch or by defeating or catching those Pals. For Milk, you’ll need Mozzarina, who hangs around the Ravine Entrance fast travel point (West-North-West of the starting location). For Honey, you’ll need to defeat Beegardes or other such buzzy Pals that can be found in Dungeons, but also all over the world. Eggs…well, you should have a ton of them by this point. The Cake will take a while to cook.

With Cake thrown into the Breeding Farm, you’ll find an Egg placed in the center. When it’s ready, you can pick it up and incubate it.

Pal Breeding In Palworld
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As long as there is Cake and two Pals who now love each other, you’ll be producing Eggs.

Now that you know all about finding and incubating eggs in Palworld, why don’t you learn what to do if a Pal is slacking off?

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