How To Unlock & Complete Battle Of Revenge Quest Genshin Impact

Quests are a huge part of any role-playing game. They are needed for character progression, but sometimes quests must be more precise, so players don’t get stuck on them. The Battle of Revenge quest for Genshin Impact is one of these confusing quests. If you’re stuck and wondering how to start the quest, we have you covered. Here’s how to unlock and complete the Battle of Revenge Quest in Genshin Impact.

How to unlock the Battle of Revenge Quest in Genshin Impact

The Battle of Revenge quest will only be available when you finish a daily commission named An Art to be Honed. The problem is that daily commissions are random, so you must be lucky to unlock the quest.

Once you get the An Art to be Honed quest, Asakura, a guard in Inazuma, will ask you to spar with him. Defeat him and wait for a few in-game days and then talk to him. Once you’re done talking to him, Battle for Revenge quests will be available.

How To Unlock & Complete Battle Of Revenge Quest Genshin Impact 2

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How to finish the battle

Here’s how to finish the Battle of Revenge quest:

  1. Talk to Asakura: Go back to Asakura in Inazuma. You can find him in the southern part of the palace. You would see that there’s something different in his character. It’s because a Kairagi stole Asakura’s weapon, and he will ask you to bring it back once you talk to him.
  2. Defeat the Kairagi: Asakura will ask you to go to a location and defeat a Kairagi to get clues about his weapon’s location. Once you defeat a Kairagi, they will tell you where to find Asakura’s weapon.
  3. Hunt the Kairagi’s Camp: After beating the Kairagi, it will tell you that you can find Asakura’s weapon in their camp, where it’s hidden.
  4. Defeat the Kairagis in the camp: When you arrive, you will see a lot of Kairagi minions. All you need to do is defeat them.
  5. Return Asakura: All you need to do now is go back to Asakura and finish the quest. After the talk, you’ll get 20 Reputation at the Kamisato Estate.

Tip: Kairagi’s are very elusive opponents. They will keep dashing in and out of the battle, and it will take time if you hunt them one by one. The best way to defeat them is to corner them and then use some AoE skills to finish them quickly.

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