How to unlock the Crossguard Lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor How To Unlock Crossguard Lightsaber Get Find Where Stance

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features multiple combat stances that offer unique mechanics, so you’re probably wondering how to unlock the heavy Crossguard Lightsaber stance along with others.

How to unlock the Crossguard Lightsaber in Jedi: Survivor

Unlocking the Crossguard Lightsaber is easy enough to do by just playing through the main story missions in Jedi: Survivor. It is not a side quest, but the opportunity to unlock it doesn’t happen until later in the game.

Unlocking the Crossguard Lightsaber is tied to the Research Tanalorr mission. Cal will unlock it by completing the main mission objectives. There are two main steps for completing Research Tanalorr.

Devastated Settlement Research Tanalorr Quest How To Complete Koboh

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The first step is on Koboh and requires searching an ancient Jedi compound overlooking the Devastated Settlement area of the map. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you find yourself in a massive lava pit. Once you make it to the top you’ll need to defeat a light-saber wielding Bedlam Raider there in order to search the rest of the compound.

You must then travel to space station on the Shattered Moon in the orbit of Koboh and reach the Abandoned Foundry at the Superstructure Fabricators. Pick up the mysterious High Republic device to trigger another boss fight. This Bedlam Raider wields your prize weapon, which you will then recover and equip at the nearby workbench. You’ll also complete the mission upon crafting the Crossguard Lightsaber.

Star Wars Crossguard Lightsaber Superstructure Fabricators Survivor How To Get Unlock Shattered Moon

You can think of the Crossguard Lightsaber stance as a slow, but high-damage style. It’s characterized by high block stamina which makes it useful against specific enemies at higher difficulties. You’ll find it useful against specific types of enemies that are predictable and easy to block. The Crossguard Lightsaber is effective against most bosses. However, you should not use it against groups of enemies unless you’re simply looking for a challenge.

Fans surely recognize the Crossguard Lightsaber design wielded by Kylo Ren in the sequel trilogy. It also appeared in the Star Wars: Rebels TV series at an ancient Force site. As we can see, it’s existed in the galaxy for a long time, but it’s only been available to wield in a few games like Battlefront II and The Old Republic.

We also have some guides explaining difficulty settings, how to get the different lightsaber colors, and recommended controller layouts and mouse and keyboard keybinds to improve your experience while playing Jedi: Survivor.

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