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How to Unlock Freyna in The First Descendant

New 'It' girl in town

Step aside, Bunny. There is a new favourite Descendant in town. Freyna is a great early-game Descendant to earn, and she’s not that hard to unlock, provided you’re at the right level in The First Descendant.

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How to unlock Freyna

Freyna can be unlocked, like most of the other Descendants in the game, by collecting together her various materials. These are found in a particular area of the map, and the relevant missions can be tracked. This makes the whole process much easier. Of course, you can pay real money too, but that’s cheating.

To start tracking Freyna in The First Descendant, head into your Access Info screen. This can be pulled up by pressing J on your keyboard and navigating to it along the top bar. Here you will be able to select the Descendant screen. Now, you can start to track Freyna as an active quest. This will point out all her relevant missions and the materials needed to unlock her.

Freyna The First Descendant
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What materials are needed for Freyna

To unlock Freyna, you will need to acquire only four different materials. This is less than others, making her a great early unlock Descendant. However, be aware that the zone you will need to run the missions will only be unlocked around level 20, so get grinding. You will need these four materials:

  • 1x Freyna Enhanced Cells – Location: Vespers Normal – The Shelter
  • 1x Freyna Stabilizer – Location: Vespers Normal – Ruins Path
  • 1x Freyna Spiral Catalyst – Location: Vespers Normal – Ruins Underground Entrance
  • 1x Freyna Code (Amorphous Material Pattern 006)- Location: Sterile Land Normal – Void Fusion Reactor – Sterile Land Rockfall Zone

All of these missions are in the Vespers area except the last one, which can be found early on in Sterile Land. The drop rate for each of these resources to unlock Freyna in The First Descendant is around 20%. However, players have reported it being much lower.

Keep running through the missions until you get the drops you need. Be aware that the last one, the code, is actually called Amorphous Material Pattern 006 in the game and will require a few more steps.

Freyna The First Descendant
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Quest steps in The First Descendant for Freyna

Now, if you look in your Quests tab, you will see the missions to unlock Freyna. Once you have collected the Amorphous Material, you will have three more to do. However, you will need Bunny unlocked for the second mission. You will probably already have this completed, as it is part of the main storyline.

Mission 2

To complete this mission to unlock Freyna, you will need to have Bunny equipped in The First Descendant. She will have to use her electric damage attacks to destroy the Void Fragment.

Mission 3

Next you need to beat the commander in the Rockfall area of the Sterline Lands map. Once this is done, you’re ready to get the Freyna code and begin her construction.

Mission 4

The fourth mission is a very quick one and will only require you to deconstruct the code and turn the Amorphous Material into what you need. This can actually be done in the Sterile Lands area of the map. Look for the reconstruction device on the map and use it to complete the fourth and final mission.

Start Freyna construction in The First Descendant

Finally, head to Anias at the main game hub in The First Descendant and turn in all your materials for Freyna. Along with the materials collected, you will also need 400,000 gold. Without any boosts, it will take a total of 16 hours to actually complete. However, it is well worth the wait.

Once you have her unlocked, you’ll be well on your way to defeating some of the bigger bosses, such as the Devourer.

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